Dynasty Warriors 9 Review - IGN

Dynasty Warriors 9 moves the franchise in an ambitious new direction with a massive open world to explore, but that doesn’t mean it’s better.

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Hungryalpaca185d ago

Except in this games case too few.

coolastheycome185d ago

This is expected. These games are so repetitive

2pacalypsenow185d ago

What game is not repetitive?

blackblades185d ago

Lol that repetitive excuse got old, cause every game are repetitive in some way.

milkshake2185d ago

Like sports games, Shooter games, heck... even Monster Hunter game that was just released is pure repetition.

Scar-185d ago

This is my biggest problem with ign they NEVER go across the board with the complaints. Here they are freaking out over co op being removed but it's fine when halo 5 removes split screen, KotH, Oddball, Juggernaut, Extraction, Regicide and lets not forget the bland forgettable story yet that gets a 9/10.

Brash185d ago

The game has checkbox quests aplenty and an empty open world. That said, you can jump from battle to battle like you would in another mainline entry. It's peculiar and not for everyone, it may seem.

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