The 5 Biggest Gaming Stories This Week kicks off a new weekly feature in which they pick what they think are the top 5 gaming news stories from the previous week and give an opinion on each, as well as a link to the original source. SlapStic's picks for the top 5 are open to debate using the comment system on the site, so hit it up.

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hombrehambre3594d ago

Kinda interesting. Way better than them just posting links to the articles. It's good for people who don't feel like wading through all the crap articles on sites like these, too.

RKRigney3594d ago

@ Hombrehambre

If by "crap" you mean "game of the year", I agree!

tinydancer3594d ago

@ RKRigney

If by "game of the year" you mean "second best game of the year behind LBP", I agree!

hombrehambre3594d ago

LittleBigPlanet is probably the most overhyped game of all time.

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tinydancer3594d ago

That 9/11 LBP video was disturbing...

cheese3594d ago (Edited 3594d ago )

Indeed it was.

RKRigney3594d ago

meh. the LBP thing was one. But what interesting happened with PS3 this week anyway? Fracture? *poops*

PrimordialSoupBase3594d ago


RKRigney3594d ago

Haha yeah we'll see. I hope it does well critically...

tinydancer3594d ago

"well"? I predict 10s across the board...

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