Mass Effect Andromeda Fixpack mod fixes lots of issues that were not resolved by the developers

Modder ‘NightWolf2503’ has released a brand new version of his Mass Effect Andromeda Fixpack mod for Bioware’s latest action RPG. As its title suggests, this mod fixes various issues in Mass Effect: Andromeda that have not been resolved by the developers.

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chris235307d ago

i think it is wrong on every level when people got nothig better to do than to support a game with money or mods that was clearly a product that should have been ignored by everyone due to lackluster concept and gameplay. they ignored every standard the original trilogy set just to cash in on the name.

Razzer307d ago

Do you do anything besides bitch?

307d ago
_-EDMIX-_307d ago

Seriously please get over this

If you don't like the game move on but please stop trying to fight with any person that does. This is sort of getting ridiculous. If somebody wants to support this game with mods or updates etc that's their choice no one's forcing you to do anything so I'm not really understanding this continuous attack on gamers. It's one thing to have a beef with the company but you're literally now attacking Gamers just because they like to play a game you don't.

starchild307d ago

Well, I don't agree with you about the game. Am I allowed to do that? It didn't match the quality of the original trilogy, but it's far from a bad game, IMO.

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potedude307d ago

I purchased the game for PS4, played around 20 hours but haven't picked it up since. it's just a bit boring and the main character is so vanilla. Pity.

Hungryalpaca307d ago

I got to the last level and still haven’t finished it. It was so tedious. The only decent thing was combat but the AI was so bad you could just keep jumping and they wouldn’t hit you

megamanxvolnutt306d ago

Glad someone did something. Good job modding community.