Sea Of Thieves end game revealed - Rare interview with designer Mike Chapman

GameCentral speaks to one of the creators Sea Of Thieves about making online game less toxic and the end goal for legendary pirates.

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mark_parch32d ago

I really like the roadmap they have set out for this game. a secret goonie cave for legendary pirates only and your own customized ship. I'm sure there's plenty of other secrets to find.

32d ago
3-4-532d ago

Exactly. Getting my own secret pirate hideout is my main incentive in this game from day one. That is one of the coolest features of this game and something I've wanted for a while in games.

I would treat certain islands in AC:Black Flag as my hideout "secret base" but this is a nice step up from that.

mark_parch31d ago

just seen leaked pictures of the kraken. holy crap it's freaking huge. super excited for this game now

Emperor32d ago

Another Sea of Thives article.

ImGumbyDammit32d ago (Edited 32d ago )

Thank god for cut and paste. Without it I worry your little fingers would be getting tired by now from posting the same comment in every article.

feedurhabit31d ago

Articles about a game?! On a gaming site?!?

...may God have mercy on us all