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TSA: "Kingdom Come: Deliverance is an incredibly ambitious game. It’s an open world adventure set in medieval Europe that has no fantasy elements, realistic combat mechanics, and little in the way of modern conveniences. Instead of starting out with some character defining power, the player is a mere peasant with nothing special about them. As an open world adventure, it’s like little else out there and I had huge hopes that this long-delayed Kickstarter game would deliver on its lofty promises."

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Community308d ago
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Father__Merrin308d ago

This still would have stood out from the crowd if it had magic and rpg leveling up

XbladeTeddy308d ago

No, it would have stood with the crowd. They wanted something different to stand out from the crowd. Not everyone likes magic and fairies and flying monsters.

madforaday308d ago

Exactly, it is cool how this game is grounded! One thing I look for in a game is combat and the videos I seen with combat, it just looks flat. I am also not a fan of this being in first person. That is my preference though.

308d ago
_-EDMIX-_307d ago

I agree I actually think this game is ironically setting itself apart by not actually having those elements.

That was one of the things I really really appreciated and liked about hearing about this game. So the way I see it a fresh perspective is Simply Having a game about regular humans and the politics that surrounded this time period. I think amazing stories can still be told that are not in the fantasy setting.

That being said I hope this game does well and I'm hoping the developers are able to patch up and fix the technical issues.

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Professor_K307d ago

So it's basically just Europe in the dark ages?


Mr_GoolyPunch307d ago

Europe in the dark ages is the sexiest!

Relientk77308d ago

A shame, was hoping this would be good.

Twinblade308d ago (Edited 308d ago )

You could try it and decide for yourself, instead of letting a bullshit site tell you to dislike it.

DrShoe308d ago

Absolutely, sixaxis is on polygon and kotaku levels of distrustfulness. Trust them to your own peril.

Bleucrunch308d ago

how can he do that without having to purchase it outright first???

Imalwaysright308d ago

If only demos were still a thing today...

Twinblade308d ago

Bleucrunch, there's always gamefly.

_-EDMIX-_307d ago

I mean I don't disagree that somebody should try the game for themselves before making a decision but lots of the reviews that have been releasing have been very consistent regarding the technical issues of this game so in my personal opinion I believe someone should still pay heed to warnings regarding technical issues that fundamentally hurt the game.

Keep in mind this is not talking about any of the conceptual ideas about the game, trust me as somebody that plays dragon age ,Baldur's Gate ,pillars of Eternity, Fallout ,Elder Scrolls ,The Witcher etc I enjoy games like this but to hear of the technical issues from a new developer is very worrying in definitely something that people need to look into before purchase.

Once again just to be clear so people do not misunderstand what I am saying I am not talking about the the concept of the game, I am simply mentioning what we're hearing about the actual real legitimate technical issues surrounding the game at the moment.

From what I'm reading the game is absolutely amazing when it is actually working in regards to concept and design, so I do not want people to debate that is what is being questioned.

What is being reviewed is regarding the technical issues in terms of bugs so I believe it is very legitimate when you're seeing a score of 4 out of 10 that is how these people feel regarding the game's current state.

If they patch the game who knows maybe we'll get more reviews. I'm not hating on the game I just have to be a realistic customer and I just can't justify spending full price on a game. Knowingly has issues I cancelled my pre-order of Mass Effect solely based on the negative reviews about the technical aspect and I actually still ended up purchasing Mass Effect months after release to avoid those issues.

Who knows I'm probably going to purchase this game once more patches fix issues. I just don't want people on this site to misunderstand the negative reviews as a negative reaction as someone not liking the concept or design.

For the most part I'm reading it is just based on the technical issues which like I said is legitimate.

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Snappy308d ago

It is, I am enjoying it

xenz308d ago

You should read IGN or PCGamers review in progress on this game. They say its very immersive. Questing are good and the game is deep as hell. Only thing holding it back as far as I can see is some bugs really. It's also around 50 hours in length.

308d ago
_-EDMIX-_307d ago

I agree

that's exactly what I'm hearing for the most part is that the concept and ideas around the game are amazing simply that it has lots of bugs.

xenz307d ago (Edited 307d ago )

True @Edmix. Even Downward Trust says the game is good even when he doesn’t like realistic RPGs. ACG says its good aswell, but then theres those damn bugs :/

I’ll pick it up anyway. I think this studio show much promise. Its their first game, remember that. And for it to be this good is quite a feat if you ask me

308d ago
slasaru01307d ago

it IS good, the reviews are a revenge for lack of colored and gay characters first and absence of big publisher (like EA, Ubi, etc)

TedCruzsTaint307d ago

Recieved code. Guess I'm still on some sort of list from my writing days a few years back.

I find the game pretty fantastic, honestly. It has its rough spots. No doubt there. But it's a great, fresh experience, as far as I am concerned.

amnalehu307d ago

I've seen nothing but outstanding reviews. 4.5/5, even a 10. Just goes to show you how subjective games are. If a game is not a broken mess, I don't think a game should get the equivalent of a failing grade just because the reviewer doesn't like it.

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XbladeTeddy308d ago

Just got the collector's edition in the post, now downloading the patch. Hopefully will like it as I always wanted an RPG game with no magic and stuff set in history. If it sucks at least I got a nice statue of Henry lol.

Snappy308d ago

Same, got mine yesterday and I’m enjoying the game too. I’m playing on pro and out of the 3 hours playing only come across one bug. The hair on one of the NPCs was there one minute gone the next lol

Twinblade308d ago

Does anybody really take these sites seriously?

308d ago
rebeljoe14308d ago

So they didn’t like it because it’s realistic, hard and has no magic

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_-EDMIX-_307d ago

To each their own but I actually feel that the game not having magic makes it more interesting.

I love games that try to incorporate realism into the gameplay design.

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