Dynasty Warriors 9 Review - A Bold Step in a New Direction | DualShockers

Dynasty Warriors 9 takes a bold step in a new direction which comes with issues but immerses the player into a massive conflict that is worth experiencing.

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ccgr223d ago

Can't wait to play this entry!

paradigmfellow223d ago

It is the worst main entry Dynasty Warriors.

Abriael223d ago (Edited 223d ago )

Completely disagree with that. The open world is a massive improvement. Sure, it brought issues with it, but in terms of immersing you in what feels like an actual dynamic war, it does wonders.

In this it actually does better than most open world games out there, in which the dynamic element is more limited or actually missing.

paradigmfellow223d ago (Edited 223d ago )

And I completely disagree with you. All of the characters feel homogenous, gone are the eccentricity of all the characters, the unique weapons are all gone (90%). The maps are now disgustingly huge and it feels like you are just throttling through empty space. Some of the most epic battles are now reduced to god awful sidequests. All this does is just make you want to go to the final boss as fast as possible, there are a few instances where they programmed for this not to happen, but it is just epic boring. Oh and sieges are pointless, just climb the damn wall and kill your objective.

Lionalliance223d ago

didn't Jim Sterling completely destroyed this game?

Abriael223d ago

Showing cherry-picked instances that really don't represent it, like the controversy-monger he is.

Lionalliance223d ago

You do realize that he is a very hardcore Dynasty Warriors fan right?

Abriael223d ago (Edited 223d ago )

@Lionalliance: and "very hardcore fans" tend to be angry at change. Add to that the fact that Jim Sterling basically lives on stirring controversy, and you got this result. Having played the game extensively, it's evident that the footage he selected is cherry-picked to make a misleading point and incite rage.