Sea Of Thieves hands-on preview – Rare reinvent online co-op | Metro

GameCentral is invited to visit Rare, as their new online pirate game celebrates its first success and prepares to unleash the kraken.

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solderman307d ago

Just make sure you have 4 committed friends, Playing with randoms was not fun at all. I'm not sure how they are going to force people to work together going forward. Also if you are on PC do yourself a favour and don't buy this from the Windows Store.

Rare307d ago

Your spam comment loses any meaning when you choose to spam it across every Sea of Thieves article.. 😶

We get it, you had a piss poor experience playing with random people, due to your lack of online peers. Move on.

Ukgamer307d ago

Is this an automated response to all sea of thieves articles?

mark_parch307d ago

why are you spamming that comment in every sea of thieves article

Goldby307d ago

either he had a really bad experience that has turned him off and is generally warning people about the importance of having a group of people to play with, or he's upset at the hype and discussion around the game.

i'd like to believe it is the former, but history tends to show us its the latter