Sea Of Thieves' Multiplayer Has Huge Potential, But We Have Some Concerns | GameSpot

GameSpot: "Xbox One's first big exclusive of 2018, Sea of Thieves, can create magical moments--but will everyone enjoy it to its maximum?"

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FallenAngel1984308d ago

Does this game have a campaign?

Not trolling just curious

TheCommentator306d ago (Edited 306d ago )

No, it does not have a single player campaign. There are always real players populating the map you play in but you could technically still play by yourself.

Honestly, I was a bit thrown off by the title too.

-Foxtrot307d ago

Seems like you’ll only get a good experience if you are playing with friends...the bigger the pack the better.

I mean what if you’re playing by yourself, do a mission, gain rewards and then a huge crew of players obliterate you, take your goods and move on? You’re screwed. There should at least be safe havens at outposts or something unless that’s already a thing

UnHoly_One306d ago

From my experience with the beta, the only time you're ever vulnerable to losing something is when you have a chest and are returning it to port.

Once you turn it in, you get reputation and money, and neither of those can be lost.

I was attacked by a 2 man ship when I was solo and hauling 2 chests, but I just ran for the nearest port.

I ran my ship straight into the island, jumped off the front with one of the chests and turned it in, then was able to make it back for the second before they arrived.

I sunk and got killed, but I lost nothing, and they gained nothing.

ULTp0ltergeist305d ago

What is it even saying? No wonder I unsubscribe from Gamespot. So boring!