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Why Sea Of Thieves does not have loot boxes - Rare interview with Joe Neate

GameCentral talks to one of the leads behind Rare’s new online adventure, about microtransactions and pet parrots.

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Community130d ago
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FallenAngel1984130d ago

There’s something ironic about a pirate game not having loot boxes

sulodaneji130d ago

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RpgSama130d ago (Edited 130d ago )

But it will have microtransactions, they already said they are going to release a marketplace for microtransaction in the game 3 months after the release date, there will be no randomized loot boxes, but yes to microtransactions.

I think more developers will start doing this, which I hate, release the game and don't face any uproar from fans and/or bad reviews because the game does not have any kind of MT at launch, and down the line start to monetize it

ShottyatLaw130d ago

Well, announcing MTs in advance seems like an odd way to avoid that "uproar," don't you think?

RpgSama130d ago (Edited 130d ago )


Not all people are as informed about games as us, and even in this forum, when you read this article title and description it makes it seems as if there are no MT on the game, and let's face it, not a lot of people actually go to every link to read the articles.

Atanasrikard130d ago

And? So what if they have cosmetic microtransactions? According to the interview, they have to make money in some way so they can bring you FREE updates. Development isn't free.

UnHoly_One129d ago

The type of people that will buy the game at launch, but aren't as "well informed as us", likely won't be playing the game three months later anyway.

There are many different types of gamers.

Magnetar129d ago

Nearly every multiplayer game on the market has some sort of micro transactions. Monster hunter had day one cosmetic mt and there was no uproar. Now ms is releasing a game with the same thing and everyone cares. Rare has also stated that they plan to support the game for a long time. I’d rather have free content updates with micro transactions aren’t required, than paying for new content a few times a year.

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darthv72130d ago

wouldnt they be called... booty?

Relientk77130d ago

I hate that we live in an age where developers actually have to say our game doesn't have loot boxes and/or microtransactions.

Godmars290130d ago

For $60 games while there's talk of price increases besides.

slate91130d ago

Blame yourself or your peers for measuring dicks with the 1080p/60fps and 4k debates.
Games arent cheap, especially with the graphical arms race.

Rude-ro130d ago

First, there is no more graphical arms race. This gen is set in stone and over as far as any “race” goes and since Microsoft does not even make games, how are they in a graphics race at all?
Second, this is a multi billion dollar business... not a “we are developers and we are begging for change just to eat” business.
They just need to trust that if they make a good game, it will sell... they do not need millions of dollars to sell less of a game and recoup said costs through micro-transactions.

slate91130d ago

Btw, I wasn't specifically pointing at Relientk77 regarding the graphical arms race. Just making a point we could all possibly be to blame.

I see that point of the multibillion dollar business. I also think game studios are extremely bloated atm and some publishers have lost touch with the art of creating video games years ago.
But I also feel that pixel counters have created immense pressure on the game industry and set ridiculous standards. People dismiss games after watching a few minutes of gameplay (I'm guilty).

Kribwalker130d ago

“and since Microsoft does not even make games, how are they in a graphics race at all? ”

do you not see the irony in your comment, on a first party MS game?

Rude-ro130d ago

Do you see how it makes my point stand out? This is a common mmo style game. There is nothing awe inspiring about the graphics. This has been all of Microsoft’s first party games this gen.
Sure, they could put more “pixels” on an indie style mmo, but nothing that makes anyone go “wow”. It also costs a lot of money for player to say anything via buying the x. Having to spend $500 4 years into a gen to continue a pretend “pixel battle” is moronic. They only pushed hardware not game engines to get better graphics.
It also heightens the point that Microsoft is spending more money advertising this game per gaming media than what it took to make the game. With the addition of microtransactions coming to sea of thieves, it also highlights my point.
This style of game has existed on pc for 20+ years.. there is nothing new here... but since it is all Microsoft has, they have to spend so much money to make this sound like something more and then they will add in costs to recoup via micro transactions.

chiefJohn117130d ago

ROFL, says Ms don't make games on an article about a Ms game xD. I'm done lol oh btw ms top 2 ips gears and Halo say hello 4k 60

Goldby130d ago


"There is nothing awe inspiring about the graphics. "

tell that to the water effects.

i have yet to see water effect that good on any playstation game

129d ago
Goldby129d ago


well its a pirate game, and from what i have seen on videos, there is some game there, hunting for booty, sea battles, the kraken.

and they discussed some of the end game content yesterday in an article. so there is a game there, not my cup of tea with how dependent it is on having 3 other friends to get the full experience out of, but i also didnt enjoy destiny or division too much either. and those had a story as well.

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NoPeace_Walker130d ago

Can't wait to play this on my X with Gamepass. 👍🏼

Kribwalker130d ago

Me Too. game looks awesome when it isn’t enhanced yet, i can’t wait to see it enhanced on the OneX

GamesMaster1982130d ago (Edited 130d ago )

And on my PC With Gamepass , ill have finished with it after a month so it will only be costing me £7.99 very nice. And then the same when State Of Decay 2 comes along.

Tko1111130d ago

It’s not a game to beat or complete so you are actually testing it out for that price. Those games evolve over time so you are actually not getting the full game in one month

chiefJohn117130d ago (Edited 130d ago )

This isn't a linear sp game. It's an mmo you're not 100% it in a month and it will receive a steady stream of content. In 3 months it'll likely receive an expansion add on to go with the mt. SoD 2 will also like be hard to beat in a month.

GamesMaster1982130d ago (Edited 130d ago )

@ At below/below comments/. Screw that shit then can’t stand mmo stuff. I’ll just wait then to see if Microsoft ever make another decent single player story game then i might get gamepass on pc.

solderman130d ago

Just make sure you have 4 committed friends, Playing with randoms was not fun at all. I'm not sure how they are going to force people to work together going forward. Also if you are on PC do yourself a favour and don't buy this from the Windows Store.

kevnb130d ago (Edited 130d ago )

the windows store games have been getting better over time, but we still have major issues with games normally easy to run like cuphead.

Rare130d ago

Your spam comment loses any meaning when you choose to spam it across every Sea of Thieves article.. 😶

We get it, you had a piss poor experience playing with random people, due to your lack of online peers. Move on.

thrust130d ago (Edited 130d ago )

He has no friends 😩

mark_parch130d ago

I disagree, during the alpha sessions I played with a different crew each time and only had one poor session that I could remember. there were a few times I actually had more fun than with my friends during the beta. One thing I will also add is that I have also played a lot solo and still had plenty of fun.

130d ago
Usperg130d ago

STAHP spreading bull dung, game can be fun with randoms and there is nothing wrong with the windows store...

Had no issues at all since i started the game months ago, you're probably just a beta bitch..

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_LarZen_130d ago

But it will have microtransactions. In a game with the core focus being just know Rare will push out loads of cosmetics and props a few months after the release. Cool looking stuff you can only buy with real money...

PcRandy130d ago

I’m ok with cosmetic MT it’s the games that have them that affect progression and gameplay that most don’t like there is no insensitive to buy cosmetic changes unless you really want them

TheCommentator130d ago

In a game with the core focus being cosmetics...

Seems to be an awful lot of other things mentioned besides cosmetics from what I read.

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