Tokyo Game Show, By the Numbers: 19% DS, 3.5% PS3

Nintendo DS represented nearly 20% of the games being shown at Tokyo Game Show; PlayStation 3 merely 3.5%.

We got the information sheet above as part of the Tokyo Game Show press pack, and there's a lot of interesting nuggets of info in that chart. Note that Nintendo DS' percentage of titles has doubled in the last two years, where PlayStation 2 has dropped from owning 20% of the floor space to just 1.7%.

Claims that this year's show was the "year of the PSP" might be greatly exaggerated, but it's clear from the number of titles on the floor that Sony's portable is getting much more support from Japanese publishers in the post-Monster Hunter economy.

PlayStation 3's low percentage of titles has remained steady, but Xbox 360's has nearly doubled.

And for one final indicator of where gaming is going in Japan: Games that do not fall into traditional gaming genres like shooting and racing have leaped up in number, from 24.8% to a whopping 45.7%.

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JokesOnYou3688d ago (Edited 3688d ago )

DS 18.7% -doesn't everybody in Japan already own a DS?
Mobiles 18.0% -crap games imo, but hey nobody expects much from a cell
PC 17.5% -surprising to see PC games with such a large share
PSP 7.8% -strong showing for PSP, still DS has a huge lead
Wii 7.1% -you would think the Wii would have more
360 7.0% -very impressive considering their install base in JPN
PS3 3.5% -dissapointing to say the least
PS2 1.7% -could it be that the ps2 is finally showing its age and is on it last legs (ha ha you never know, next month it'll probably outsell both 360 & ps3)


P4KY B3688d ago

I see what you did there.

Aclay3688d ago (Edited 3688d ago )

Knowing how Microsoft is, more than likely they showed more 3rd party games than Sony did and that's why they had more games shown. I'm pretty certain that Sony showed more Exclusives than Microsoft did at TGS this year, and when I say exclusives, I'm talking about games that WON'T come out on the PC. Sony tends to focus more of their attention on 1st party and exclusives.

razer3688d ago

Well why don't they?

Is that really the message they want to send to third party publishers?

Doesn't Sony want to let everyone know that those games are available as well?

If I was a third party, which face it, there are more third parties than 1st parties in this world I would go with a company that is going to hold my games up on their system.

People say MS pays for all this third party love but maybe they just go to MS because they make them a priority on their system? Just a thought.

AAACE53688d ago

AclayPs3 is just using the new copout that fanboys use when they feel threatened! First it was Rrod, and not it's exclusives....

He needs to realize that the Ps1 and 2 didn't get to where they were based on exclusives alone... and that people bought so many of them because both systems had alot of games... "MAINLY FROM THIRD PARTIES!"

"Fanboyism never beats logic!"

thereapersson3688d ago

Are they even trying over in Japan anymore?

Fishy Fingers3688d ago

PC had a lot on show, 17.5%, only 0.1% less than Wii/360/PS3 combined. Not bad for a "dead" format.

Not surprised to see so much on the handheld front, JPN do love their handhelds.

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