Tech2: The Witcher: Enhanced Edition Review

Tech2 writes: "We PC RPG fans are a hard bunch to please, but last year's slim pickings in the genre made us drop our standards a notch. Amongst the torrent of half-assed RPGs, one rather unpolished Polish RPG shone brightly like a diamond stuck in dwarf doodoo. The Witcher stood out for many reasons, the least of them being the game's optimization and presentation. Normally we would have been less forgiving towards a game that looked a generation older than it was, but seeing the quality of content and the expert craftsmanship involved (at least where plot and gameplay are concerned), we couldn't help enjoying the game despite its rough edges."

+Sturdy frame rates
+Enhanced character animation
+Improved dialogs
+Better post-render effects
+Shorter load times

-Still looks a little aged...

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