Why Hype Killed Shadow Of The Colossus For Me

Team ICO's Shadow of the Colossus has too many critical flaws to be known as one of the best exclusives.

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tucky100d ago

Indeed ... I will never understand the enthousiasm around this game. It's repetitive like hell

PhantomS42100d ago

You can say that about any game.

KaaF100d ago

Every colossus is defeated completely differently from the others. Did you watch a playthrough or something? Cause this cannot be a complaint for someone who actually played the game blind.

GamingSinceForever100d ago

I don’t believe that you have played it through based on what you just said.

MakoD100d ago (Edited 100d ago )


Its a different experience, I actually really dig the game... not sure any game quite captures battling it out with giant bosses like this. I mean sure game after game has giant bosses, imo, most of the time they are weak and you never get the sense of scale.... SotC captures that. Now I have to admit, if I was playing on a 20 inch tube tv, I probably wouldn't appreciate the game so much... but since I game on front projector on a 100-120 inch screen... its a whole different experience to other games in this area.

This game isn't for everyone... there is nothing wrong with it not being your thing. I would put games like Journey for example in the same mix, its either something you dig or you don't. But no, there isn't really a game that has existed that quite captures fighting super huge bosses like SotC... the game is beautiful as well.

There really wasn't any hype for this game until the Digital Foundry previews came out a few weeks ago... more of a surprise hit if you ask me. Nothing wrong with you not digging it and its not meant to replace all of your other games for the next year.... its definitely a smaller title, it'll probably sell 1-3 million units for what is a smaller title type game to round out a person's library.

Tell you what... find someone with a new front projector and a 100-120 inch screen and decent sound system, if you can play it on the Pro...that will be a bonus... after that... come back and talk.

bluefox755100d ago

Repetitive? Have you even played it? Every battle is completely different from every other battle.

Aceman18100d ago

Yea you've never played the game lol.

CDzNutts100d ago

There are non repetitive games that are terrible and repetitive games that are masterpieces.

You're going to have to do better than that. lol.

SuperSonic91100d ago

Not as repetitive as grinding in open world rpgs?

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WeAreLegion100d ago

This poor dude. He really missed the mark on this one. Like... unbelievably screwed up his playthrough. There's not an imaginative or artistic bone in this writer's body. He's playing this game like it's a race to the finish with no regard to intent, the world, or (obviously encouraged) exploration.

The mechanics work as they always have and that's a good thing, IMO. Once you figure out how to make them work for you, you'll never forget. I understand if someone is frustrated by the climbing or gripping not always being perfect, but keep playing. You'll figure out how to stop "missing" and how to always successfully scale with no mistakes. Just have to adjust to the world.

Ultr100d ago (Edited 100d ago )

This game is a perfect example of "The whole is more than the sum of its parts"

The autor only sees the parts and is unable to see the whole as he is traped inside his own thoughts of "how it should be"

Some people are unable to see things for what they are. So even if something comes along that is better or is intended to be different they will still only see that it is not what they expected or what they think to know. So they try to rationalize it and bring it down based on their core opinion, of which they think is the absolute truth.
Just dont expect anything and take thinks for what they are. Stop comparing and start playing with an open mind.

SuperSonic91100d ago

The minimalism in this game is jam packed to perfection.
This game is all about gameplay mechanics cleverly designed to adapt to all moving levels which are the colossi.

spicelicka100d ago (Edited 100d ago )

It also bothers me when people take remasters/remakes and compare them to the games today. This game is meant to play the SAME as it did a decade ago. The only thing that's supposed to change is the graphics and bugs, to keep it authentic.

CDzNutts100d ago

Still looks and plays better than a lot of games I've purchased recently though.

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