Nintendo Should Have a 'Game Pass' Subscription Similar to Xbox

"Nintendo recently teased its online service during a company Q&A, stating, "It will be worth the wait”. This got me wondering what type of things Nintendo could offer with its subscription service." -- Nintendo Enthusiast

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PhoenixUp302d ago

People want Virtual Console to be an on demand service

ptownjbo302d ago (Edited 302d ago )

Yeah it’s taking too long :(

Servbot41301d ago

Yeah this is the best thing Nintendo could pull and would save their otherwise hilariously pathetic pay-to-play online service.

RosweeSon301d ago

The one they haven’t even launched yet?

hanko14301d ago

that would be awesome and should already have all the old games ready, not paying for it every time or waiting for it to come out. another thing nintendo failed in

Brian7655492301d ago

It would do very well if they did.

MayorPauline301d ago (Edited 301d ago )

It will most likely have something similar hence why Nintendo doesn't seem to be in a rush to put VC on the Switch. Hamster and the other companies putting arcade ports some being Nintendo IP's on the Switch aren't complaining though in the meantime. lol