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"I Couldn’t Have Been More Wrong About Monster Hunter World"

"On episode 9 of The Gamer's Society Podcast, I made a lot of statements about Monster Hunter World based on my experience from the beta..."

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CrimsonWing69308d ago

Yea you were pretty wrong and as a first timer to the series, myself, the beta sold me on this hard. I’m clocking 80 hours and I’m not bored of it... this is some of the most fun I’ve had gaming in a long time.

UltraNova308d ago

I'm so frustrated because I did not manage to play the beta more than 30 mins and I could not get into it. Is the game that good? I'm so tempted to buy it.

Z501308d ago

I'll be honest. It's a great game if you're already a fan. If you're not, it's a acquired taste type of game. Feels like an mmo, movements are heavy, etc. But... It's so atmospheric and you have to see what's next.

I don't even have PS+, so i play alone. Still awesome.

UltraNova308d ago


Thanks for the reply. I did not play any other MH games, the beta was my 1st contact with the IP. That said, I love methodical games but I hate MMO grinding. Dont know maybe I'll risk it!

TheDriz308d ago

The beta had no chance in representing what this game is. Give it a try. I’m 45 hours in and I have so many personal goals for this game. It’s fun alone or with friends. It is time consuming and not really a pick up and play for 10 min game. You will see your weekends flee you.

CorndogBurglar308d ago

Yeah the beta was a very limited representation of what this game is. For fans, the beta could really only be used to judge whether or not you like the combat and controls.

It was missing literally everything else.

But if you don't like grinding then it may not be for you. I spent 5 hours or so Saturday night hunting the same monster over and over again until I got enough of its materials to craft a full set of its armor. Granted, I didn't have to do that. I could have easily mixed it up and went and did other things in between. But I REALLY wanted that full armor.

Thats kind of the glory of this game though. Rather than going on repeated Expeditions hunting the same monster, there are a number of other things I COULD have done instead. Story missions. Optional missions. Hunted different monsters to get items for a different weapon. Gathering missions. There's so much content and variety that no one should ever feel pigeon-holed into a grind if they don't want to.

notachance308d ago

I'd say rent it first or try it on your friend's, it's an acquired taste type of game after all.

It's that kind of game where some will love it to death but some won't like it no matter how much they try it, and the beta really only let you try the combat part, which in itself has learning curves and you definitely need more than 30 mins to get a hang of.

De_Rezzed308d ago

My first MH was on PSP back when I was younger, I hated it so much I avoided the seires until now. This game is awesome! I already have 80+ hours in it. I think its worth a shot if it seems interesting enough to you.

UltraNova308d ago

@guys above

Thanks for taking the time to give me your opinions guys, I will surely give it a try at some point!

Zjet308d ago

Hi Ultranova. MH Vet here.

The beta didn't convey the pointcof MH and that is starting from the beginning and working towards getting more gear and armour.

Its a very rewarding series for this. If you go straight into the hunts with preset gear like the Beta and the previous versions of mh demos like mh3u etc had it kind of voids the main point of the game.

zerocarnage308d ago

Game is ace, just gone beyond 100 hours and still so much to do and collect, it's epic..

CurbStompin308d ago

I bought it used, and traded it in after 2 hours. Not for everyone.

Software_Lover308d ago

If you didn't like it, don't let the opinion of others sway you into thinking that you should buy it. If you can't help it then buy it, but make sure you buy it because YOU want to. If you don't like it trade it in. If you like it, play the hell out of it.

Adirzzz307d ago

Played the beta, didn't liked it.
Still bought it due to the mass of positive reviews
100 hours into the game ..
Go for it buddy

UltraNova307d ago


When I ask people's opinions on a game I find interesting it does not mean I will be "convinced" by what they say. Its called getting informed and what better way to do this than asking fellow gamers who actually played the game and do not have any agendas while criticing it (clicks, ads etc)?

That said, I really want to play this since combat reminds me of Dark Souls (my all time fav game series) but I do not have the time to grind for 100 hrs before I feel I've completed most of everything. I'm kinda OCD on doing as much as possible in every game I play while it keeps me interested.

I hope this clears things up for you. Thanks though.

rezzah305d ago

You have to know if the game is for you, and to do so is for you to know what kind of games you like and dislike. If you are unsure if the game is for you there is still the ability to research the game through youtube videos to gain a better understanding of how it plays.

Btw the game isn't easy as the learning curve is big, but once you get it you become addicted.

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Imalwaysright308d ago (Edited 308d ago )

Games that focus on gameplay above all else when good, will always be the most fun games you'll ever play.

Xb1ps4307d ago (Edited 307d ago )

Agreed.... and I love this game! But I’d have to add that for what the game is.... it launched at the perfect time, I will never understand why they think we only buy games around the end of the year.. just imagine if the launched this late last year..

WeAreLegion307d ago

I appreciate focus on gameplay, but the sluggish combat of this series really should have been improved years ago. I don't know why everyone likes it.

InTheZoneAC308d ago

I enjoyed the beta a lot and was worried about the final game being too repetitive. I also hated the super short timers, but after a few answers and reviews I bought day 1 and have enjoyed it every time. Definitely one of the greatest games this gen.

CorndogBurglar308d ago

I think the time was shortened for the beta. In the full game I have yet to come anywhere close to running out of time hunting a monster.

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Seraphim307d ago

indeed. most take 15 minutes, sometimes 20ish. The exception was late in the game when a friend and I had to 2 man one of the monsters. Someone came in at the last 5 minutes but that one took us 40 minutes. Overall though, having 50 minutes for each monster is more than enough time. Not to mention it's usually incredibly easy to fill up a team with an SoS flare should you want help.

Npugz7308d ago

The game sucks! I already traded it in!

thrust308d ago

Sounds like someone wasn’t good enough

Concertoine308d ago

Idk. Im pretty good at MH but my main issue was the grind.

Is that an issue with this one? I just recall spending 4+ hours on Tri grinding the same monster trying to get a gem with like a 2% drop rate and i just wasn't feeling the RNG-based game design.

InTheZoneAC308d ago

What was the last quest you did and with what weapon?

TheDriz308d ago

Lol this is what people do when they are bad at monster hunter.

Scatpants308d ago

The repetition doesn't sit well with a lot of people and the thin story doesn't give much motivation to play. You have to be really down with that kill monsters to get a new weapon to kill monsters loop.

TheDriz308d ago

@Scatpants That’s a totally fair point. For the sake of discussion, I would argue that a lot of games are fairly repetitive but maybe hide that fact a little better. I hate doing the example thing because I will probably offend someone but GTA games are mostly repetitive. They hide it a little better with new faces and scenery. To your point though, games like GTA have a good story to latch on to when you are over the drive here and kill him sameness. You swayed me a little bit and I apologize if my first comment was a little strong/mean.

zerocarnage308d ago

Died alot perhaps, there's one rage quitter.

The MH games can certainly do that to people and to be honest those are the only types I've ever known get rid of the game, those kind of players which think they should be able to hack n slash and deliver one hit death blows that fail so hard..

chaos-emeralds307d ago

I get why. It's basically the same thing over and over. It's a very rinse and repeat game. Im bored of it too.

EricLane307d ago

Couldn't agree more. I bought it day one and was so excited. It seemed exactly like the PSP one I played ten years ago. Chasing a dumb monster around the map. I didn't like the clunky combat but was willing to overlook it. I really tried to like it too. Just not for some people I guess. Kinda irks me that people love it so much though... It means they'll make more. I wish someone would make a serious style monster hunting game oriented towards adults. The idea is so appealing.

Pickledpepper307d ago

I brought it played for a couple of hours then traded it in. Really did not like this game but that just my opinion.

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Protagonist308d ago

first gow now mhw, yeah games are great ;)

meshowz308d ago

funny the site has a wallpaper adv of MH... good game though.