Dark Souls 3 Speedrunner Claims All 8 World Records With Ridiculous Playthrough

"Most people who have played Dark Souls 3 have never beaten the game. As much as I'm a fan, I can't blame them; Souls games are utterly soul-destroying, the sort of thing that makes you question life and why you bother playing video games.

And while I'm proud of the fact that I've beaten each game, my self-esteem was shot this morning when a speedrunner posted his latest record-breaking run. It's no ordinary feat, this guy has completely crushed every pre-existing record, and it's all documented on camera."

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ziggurcat308d ago

Frankly, as soon as you quit the game, that should end the run. He repeatedly quit the game, so I don't think this should count as anything.

Scar-306d ago

I agree completely speed runners do all types of weird shit to cut down on play time. This is why I like it sometimes when cut scenes are unskipable at least you know the run will be more skill base. Most of these new runners do everything under the sun to bypass load screens and cut scenes.

Fishy Fingers306d ago (Edited 306d ago )

Sitting through cut scenes makes it more skill based? Wat??

Considering speed runners often put literally thousands of hours into these games I don’t think they’d appreciate watching the same cutscenes hundreds of times, hell I’d be pissed off after a few play throughs. It would be pointless, irrelevant and entirely counterintuitive.

Deathdeliverer306d ago

Scar that comment was pure “wtf”.

franwex306d ago

Thats why there’s two type of speed runs. The normal way, and the exploit way. I’m ok with both as long as it’s all within the game.

ziggurcat306d ago

Oh, it's not the bug exploiting that's the issue for me because I know that's 100% accepted in the speed running community as a category - it's the quitting of the game. That, to me, signifies the end of the run because then it's no longer a single, continuous play through.

PurpHerbison305d ago

You guys aren't understanding that this is the only way it can be competitively ran. Load screens are inconsistent from person to person and in game time doesn't run during a load screen.

ziggurcat305d ago

If load screens don't advance the time counted towards the run, what difference would that make? there's literally no need to quit the game if it's only counting IGT.

PurpHerbison304d ago

ziggurcat, there is a reason... And it is because only IGT counts. Open up some big door and rack up IGT, or quit out and save some frames. There is also other benefits to quitting out as well.
You know you can create your own category, define all the rules, and run it. It probably wouldn't be competitive but you can always try. The general idea is to go as fast as possible though.

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JonnyBeoulve306d ago

Hmm. I suppose I agree with you but there are some speedruns that are very, very long. Some sort of standard for pausing and saving should be created.

KTF26306d ago

they quit on every door

luckytrouble306d ago

Two things:

1) Under long debated speed running acceptance rules for runs, resetting is not considered cheating. It’s a common method of manipulating RNG in many games, and otherwise as long as it isn’t used in an exploitative way, it isn’t considered glitching or exploiting. In this case, it’s basically only good for resetting enemy positioning and doesn’t actually abuse any mechanics. The game was designed to let you stop and start in the same place with enemy positions reset so that having to quit in a hairy situation wouldn’t mean instant death on reload.

2) Resetting is fine as long time is counted in accordance with community rules. In this case, load times cause the timer to pause, and since resetting doesn’t actually move the character anywhere and is otherwise just a strategic time based move to avoid groups of enemies chasing you into forever, it doesn’t count as any kind of cheating. The important thing is that it’s all still captured in a single segment, load times, resets, everything.

ziggurcat306d ago

you can reset at bonfires, though...

luckytrouble306d ago

Oftentimes the next bonfire is dangerously far away, and it can be hard to do what needs to be done when running an enemy avoidance route if you have to rely on the periodic bonfires to reset enemies. It's faster to rest and guarantee getting through than it is to gamble and risk death or be guaranteed trickier maneuvers with a lower success rate and generally higher time.

ziggurcat306d ago

It is really not that hard to avoid enemies in the game.

PurpHerbison305d ago

Some games are only timed via IGT (In game time). This makes things a bit more fair as things like load screens can be inconsistent. I mean, what if you were running Dark Souls going by RTA (Real time attack) and you had a load screen that just so happened to take 5 seconds longer than usual and you are now out of a World Record. Learn a little bit about speedrunning first before you comment.

ziggurcat305d ago

Except this person was running this going by IGT. And since load screens don't count towards the time of that type of speed run, there would be no reason to quit out of the game in order to eliminate any potentially longer loading screen times... so that argument is moot.

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JonnyBeoulve306d ago

I could barely beat the game. Good grief this guy must play a lot.

ziggurcat306d ago

yes, you do need to kind of know the game inside, and out to achieve these things.

edeprez306d ago

Probably superhuman reflexes and timing too. Neither of which i possess.

305d ago
blackblades306d ago

Is there a reward like a real world certificate for the record.

r3f1cul306d ago

well... way to start of my day with feelings of inadequacy :/ lol seriously tho props where props are deserved :O i dont really get how the quitting out and loading in thing works or still counts but yea lol not big into the DS speed running, but its obviously some strat thats accepted so awesome ...