Kingdom Hearts III Riku and Kingdom Hearts II Sora Figures Announced by Square Enix

Square Enix is mixing new and old with its Bring Arts figures featuring Riku's brand new Kingdom Hearts III outfit and Sora from Kingdom Hearts II.

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FallenAngel1984302d ago

Any reason why Riku’s new outfit looks so heavily inspired by Noctis

Abriael302d ago

Nomura has been asked to design an outfit without too many belts and zippers, and he panicked, so he asked the Final Fantasy XV team for help.

FallenAngel1984302d ago

Lmao but the developers of FFXV didn’t actually design the main characters’ clothes.

FFXV’s main cast's clothes were designed by Hiromu Takahara, creative director of the fashion brand Roen through a contract made with Square Enix.

Plus the FFXV team were the same developers who made KH1 & KH2, so they wouldn’t suggest anything Nomura couldn’t come up with himself. It could be just Nomura further referencing how he created the idea of FFXV in the first place by visually alluding to its main character Noctis through Riku, who’s already been influenced by a lot of FF characters before like Cecil and Kain.

FallenAngel1984302d ago

I know you were joking, I just went over analytical about it

The only thing I have against Riku’s new clothes is that it could mean Noctis himself won’t be in KH3, similar to how Yuffie wearing Rikku’s clothes in KH1 meant Rikku couldn’t be in KH1.

PhoenixUp302d ago (Edited 302d ago )

Riku is finally wearing least partially

The world is coming to an end!

On a side note can’t wait to see Kairi’s new outfit that was shown off half a year ago along with Riku’s new duds rendered in 3D

_-EDMIX-_302d ago

The toys coming means the game is coming for real this time