How Destiny 2 Failed its Fanbase

Destiny 2's has been hurting in the months since launch compared to its predecessor. Here’s a break down of why.

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Parasyte8d ago

By making the same mistakes as the first game, not providing enough content to keep players engaged long-term, making too many re-skins, and having generally bad management?

Godmars2908d ago

Yet Bungie - and Activision - had a ready made install base which they exploited, made excuses to, were forgiven, and exploited again only worse.

An escalating abusive relationship in other words.

Belinker3008d ago

Most of the enemies are copy and paste re-skins.Just lazy game development trying to milk the consumer's money for minimal effort in game design.

pandehz8d ago (Edited 8d ago )

Well Destiny 3 will be bargain bin before i even consider

kayoss7d ago (Edited 7d ago )

Im in the same boat as you. I was a devoted destiny 1 player almost to point where i was addicted to it. But thank god destiny 2 came out and cured me of my addiction.

PhoenixUp8d ago

Bungie ruined their good name

OffRoadKing8d ago

I'm sorry I cant take seriously any article that states in bold letter, "Why We Loved Destiny". That's total BS, all I ever heard and read was people bashing and hating on D1, apparently everyone seemed to forget about that now that they're so busy bashing and hating on D2.

kayoss7d ago

Yes, A lot of people hated Vanilla destiny 1. But bungie pulled their head out of their asses and improved Destiny 1 dramatically. By the end of three years, Destiny 1 wasnt a perfect game, but it was 10x better than what it was. People thought that Bungie will implement everything that they've learned from destiny 1 to destiny 2. But nope, they decided that fans will just take it up the bung hole and accept what Bungie released.

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