Indie Garden Assembly – A Closer Look At 8 Upcoming Indie Games

ThisGenGaming says:"The past weekend I travelled to Valenciennes, France, to have a look at some indie games being shown at Indie Garden Assembly 2018.
Nevertheless, I'll share with you my thoughts and experiences playing some of these Indie games that will be out in the coming months"
- Antigraviator
- Gladiabots
- Hoverloop
- Chop
- Youropa
- Dolmen
- Double Kick Heroes

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bloodyspasm309d ago

Too bad Past Cure wasn't playable at the event anymore on saturday. Was looking forward to that one...

clockworkerr0r309d ago

Youropa seems so cool! I'm a huge fan of puzzle games, and the fact that they're adding in an element of gravity to the puzzles makes it seem pretty interesting! We're really getting a ton of awesome indie games this year though. The list of games that I want to try out is so long already! One that I'm really looking forward to is Nova Nukers. It's a competitive multiplayer that has a unique spherical stage shape. I've never seen a stage like that in a multiplayer, so I'm really excited to see how it handles!