GamerTM: LEGO Batman Review

GamerTM writes: "There's something incredibly satisfying about LEGO Batman, from the authenticyet- kitsch look of the characters to the detail in the environments and the way minions crumble as they recoil from a punch or a wall. While it plays much like Lego Star Wars, perhaps it would feel complete if each time a punch was landed the screen would be obscured by sound effects a la the camp TV series produced in the 1960s?

Despite the number of villains, costumes obviously borrowed from Adam West's tenure and a musical score nabbed from the Batman and Batman Returns, LEGO Batman hangs suspended outside of movies, comic books and the numerous TV series. Yet it manages to distil the best parts of the Batman franchise and its LEGO incarnation and inject it into an oddly addictive video game."

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badz1493719d ago

but I'm having problem to actually 'enjoy' the game! It's another lego game which plays the same as any lego games before it but I think Lego Indiana Jones was is way better than this!