GamerTM: Fracture Review

GamerTM writes: "Apart from a couple of hands-on sessions, our time with Fracture has been fleeting. A third-person shooter from Day 1 Studios – the team behind the entertaining MechAssault series on the original Xbox – we were definitely fired up enough to want to see more. However, things went dark on Fracture and now, here we are, with final review code for the LucasArts published third-person shooter with a difference.

And the difference is deformation. Or terrain deformation, to give the gimmick its proper title. Make no mistake, the ability to alter the surface of the battlefield to create cover, knock your enemies into the air or drop them down into a crater is a gimmick. It's also a fantastic one that has clearly been a painstaking labour of love to ensure that the physics look and feel accurate."

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badz1493719d ago

has a great potential of being a great game but the linear(in fact, too linear in this case) gameplay and shoddy storyline hurts it badly! the terrain deformation ability in this game could have been exploited more diversly but it feels like placing crates to go to higher grounds and shooting padlocks to open closed doors like in so many other games! the way you use the gun is pretty much 'directed' like in a movie and it gets boring pretty quickly!