10 Best PS4 Exclusives You Need in Your Collection

If you own Sony's latest PlayStation console, there are a ton of great games you'll want to have in your collection. Here are 10 of the best PS4 exclusives available right now.

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7d ago
Aaroncls76d ago (Edited 6d ago )

Neither Nier nor Nioh are exclusives.
And Bloodborne is the best game of all time, justifies purchasing a good ol' 4.

Lime1236d ago

So according to you Xbox One doesnt have exclusives?

nowitzki20046d ago

It has exclusives. Sunset Overdrive. Is 1 I can think of.

DarXyde6d ago

Another list, divided into pages. Game on, Muppets.

10. The Last Guardian

9. Alienation

8. Ni Oh

7. NieR: Automata

6. Until Dawn

5. Persona 5

4. Horizon: Zero Dawn

3. Infamous: Second Son

2. Bloodborne

1. Uncharted: The Lost Legacy

You're welcome.

Tankbusta406d ago

Yakuza 0 needs to be on that list

Fist4achin6d ago

Solid list. I know many will disagree, but I think the Order should be near the 10 spot.

gammaray136d ago

The Order 1886 should be top 5

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