PlayTM: Prince of Persia with Andrew S Walsh

PlayTM writes: " We've played it, and we've told you all about. Now listen as we get the detailed, inside scoop on Prince of Persia's story, straight from the man who wrote it, Andrew S Walsh, Ubisoft Montreal's narrative director.

Q: You're the man behind the game's story, I gather - how long have you been involved?

A: I started with a visit over here in August last year (2007), I'd been working on the story a little before that, but I really became involved about a year ago. Some of the basics were in place by then, but it was up to me to make them all work and take us forward."

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White-Sharingan3691d ago

"Does the story have an ending?

You go on a journey, which begins and takes you to new places, you're told a story... does this conclude? No. You've completed a book, a film, you've been on a journey. This is the end of a particular chapter. There's definitely more story to tell after this one."

PoP2 confirmed XD

I honestly cant wait for this game; Im glad that this game made it to the fall 08 window =D; but december is a bad month to sell games but hopefully it will sell better than AC