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PS4 Pro and Xbox One X processors compared at the silicon level

DF: "We've seen the Xbox One X processor layout before, but PS4 Pro is something new. And guess what? The two have much in common. Rich explains all, and with 7nm processor technology in mass production in 2019, there's a good chance that we'll see our first next-gen console."

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Community309d ago
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Nyxus309d ago

I find it hard to imagine the next-gen consoles launching as early as next year. Microsoft just released the Xbox One X and Sony still has a lot of big games in the pipeline. I think 2020 is more realistic.

darthv72309d ago

Games being released usually has nothing to do with console development unless those games aren't that far along and can be shifted to new development hardware. And chances are those games would be forward compatible as well.

2019 would be the earliest anything would be revealed about the PS5 but I would think 2020 for release is about right. As for MS, they can ride out the X for the next 3 years making 2021 the likely year of an Xbox Too. Sony is 6-7 years between release cycles while MS can be upwards of 8.

If you look at the current gen then Pro came out at the 3 year mark and the X at the 4. If both were to go that same amount of time again for their follow-up console then 2019/20 for Sony and 2021 for MS.

xX-oldboy-Xx309d ago

But the x is an iteration console, are you suggesting they stop support for one/s and push the x?

If not MS will be flogging a dead horse against another Sony juggernaught. I can't see it happening myself, they'll want to release as close to possible with Sony's next console.

It's why the x is a confusing concept, great machine confusing message.

darthv72309d ago

^thats for MS to decide, not us.

Godmars290308d ago

More like MS to decide when to offer a new system, and consumers to decide if they want to buy it. Same for Sony.

Though in the latter case more usually more reason to buy is given than belief or insistence of "the best experience."

xX-oldboy-Xx308d ago

Nah - they said they wouldn't drop support for the one/s. So basically the x will never reach it's full potential.

Either way, they'll get dominated and finish 3rd again and again and again.

UltraNova308d ago

I have a feeling that Sony will allude, in some capacity, to the ps5 at this year's E3 with a full announcement/reveal on either E3 or PSX 2019 for a Nov 2020 release.

But I cant ignore the possibility of them sticking to the 6 year gen the Pro's 3 year mark release made possible. So who knows maybe the ps5 will be released late 2019.

As for MS their best bet is to stick as close to Sony's console release schedule as possible, they cant afford giving them the lead everytime.

Now say the ps5 gets released in 2019, what specs can we realisticly expect? A Ryzen/Vega APU is almost a given but which CPU and GPU lines will be a viable choice for a cost-effective console? Will it come with an SSD? A 2trb+ HDD? How much and what kind of RAM (16gb HBM or GDDR5/6)? All in all how much of a power increase over the Pro can we expect? 2x? 3x? I dont think we are getting more than that

Vames308d ago

Microsoft doesn't have to ride out the X until 2021. They only need to release a new Xbox, drop support for the Xbox One S, and keep the X as the entry level console at $199 while the new Xbox becomes the premium at $499.

The Xbox One X is powerful for a reason, and that is for supporting games made for the next Xbox. Microsoft is all about ending the traditional console generation where a new console completely replaces the previous.

If Sony decides to drop the PS4 Pro and focus on the PS5, they'd be shooting themselves in the foot. They'd be asking all its fanbase to spend $399 or $499 to play their games. Microsoft is smart in this regard because if you can't afford the new $499 box, you could definitely afford the cheaper Xbox One X and get to play all first-party and third-party games for the next four years.

TheCommentator308d ago (Edited 308d ago )

Oldboy, you're correct. MS defines the 1X as an "iterative console" and the start of a new console ecosystem. Similar to how computer components simply get better over time, the iterative console concept gets better over time and not replaced over time like in a "generational console" environment.

You're also correct, to a point, about abandoning the XB1. It's just like PC has minimum specs on software today, someday XB1 won't meet the minimum specs for some games. When will XB1 get abandoned tough? Will that be when the successor to the X comes out, making the 1X the Least Common Denominator(LCD)? Maybe with the iteration after that, so the OG Xbox is the LCD? Who knows how many iterations MS will keep in play at once, but eventually XB1 will no longer receive game support simply because of engine advancements and active users.

As far as, "flogging a dead horse", to me it seems to be a bit of a Trojan horse. If MS keeps one development platform in play for multiple console iterations, then their install base technically never resets to zero like when new generation consoles come out. There are obvious benefits like development costs versus sales, for example. Developers will be able to develop for the new platform and sell to at least every 1X owner at the minimum. New generation means only launch console owners can buy the game and you (likely) can't take your old games with you. To me, that's a game changer in console design.

Speaking of game changer, I think we can all at least agree that MS needs games as their priority. That's going to be the real game changer. MS says they're focused now, but that could still take years to bear fruit. Right about the time for a new console iteration to launch if I were to hazard a guess...

Edit: Just saw what Vames wrote. I think we agree with one another, lol.

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sprinterboy308d ago

Totally agree, also 2020 will mean the parts will be cheaper when buying in bulk for Sony keeping the price down. Especially the next gen cpu were hoping for this time around. (amd ryzen? >

AizenSosuke309d ago

Basically no difference just more parts

Kribwalker308d ago

“However, we should remember that die shots of the silicon can only reveal the basic fundamental building blocks of each design. Of course, there's a degree of commonality in fact that both are semi-custom AMD designs, but you won't see the GPU customisations Microsoft carried out, nor will you see the custom hardware checkerboarding support built into PS4 Pro's processor.”

308d ago
crazyh0rse309d ago

that was very interesting

alb1899309d ago

As a hardware the X Is in another league.

The_Sage309d ago

I was going to insert a joke here, but thought people would get offended, so I erased it.

Cyborgg309d ago (Edited 309d ago )

Not for exclusives though. Nintendo and Sony is in another league. I'm not going to be playing or care about silicon levels when I boot up Bayonetta 3 and God of War

ape007309d ago

^^^ that silicon will give a superior experience for 95% of games out there (multiplats) and a great experience for exclusives like halo 5, forza 7/forza horizon and gears of war 4 :)

Xerneas309d ago

I don't care about silicon levels on exclusives but on multiplats. Multiplats make up the lions share of game sales, minus on Nintendo. Why buy an inferior copy of a game when you can get a superior copy?

TheUndertaker85309d ago

What does software have to do with hardware which is the topic of the story again?

Better hardware leads to better software possibilities with less concessions and that's a fact.

Cyborgg309d ago (Edited 309d ago )


Better hardware leads to better software possibilities with less concessions and that's a fact.

And you have to have good software developers to take advantage of the hardware.Unfortunately only two consoles has good first party developers that takes advantage of the hardware

TheUndertaker85308d ago (Edited 308d ago )

@Cyborgg: So what you're saying is those developers you're referring to couldn't take advantage of more resources to create a superior product with better hardware?

What a stretch of a comment and not even a good stretch. What you just said insinuates Sony & Nintendo developers couldn't benefit from better hardware. Yet those same developers choose to praise advancements on the hardware front constantly.

We heard it from them going from PS2 to PS3 then from PS3 to PS4 and even from PS4 to PS4 Pro. From PSP to Vita, from Wii to Wii U, from Wii U to Switch. From DS to 3DS. Even earlier consoles/handhelds had the same conversation. What they could do with newer/better hardware.

Not to mention that a good majority of first party developers originated as third party. On top of many first party developers who have chosen to go second/third party. If your logic was even remotely correct second and third party developers wouldn't be going first party at all as they wouldn't make the cut. Further first party developers who go second or third party must be lousy developers in your eyes.

zerocarnage308d ago

And I won't care about it when I boot up what I like which at the moment is monster Hunter, it's really a stupid arguement created by fanboys that exclusives crap is.

ILostMyMind308d ago

So you are buying your games on PC.

dantesparda308d ago


"Why buy an inferior copy of a game when you can get a superior copy?"

I didn't know, why not ask MS fanboys that? Who have been doing exactly that for over the last 4 years. And i love how MS fanboys act like the X is the primary Xbox one experience when it's not. News flash, morons the inferior base X1 is still the primary Xbox experience

TheCommentator308d ago

Article headline: "PS4 Pro and Xbox One X processors compared at the silicon level"

This article is about silicon, not games. Off topic, inflammatory remarks yet again.

On a HW level it's especially true for exclusives. 1st party always make the best use of the HW.

IamTylerDurden1308d ago

ape007, Xerneas

Sony had the best console versions of muliplats for the first 4 years this gen, does that mean you primarily only played PS4 from 2013-2017? Somehow i doubt that..

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xX-oldboy-Xx309d ago

True, and the support its getting from it's making is abysmal. Its truly boggling from a consumer perspective.

Foxhound922308d ago (Edited 308d ago )

Too bad Sony exclusives look better than anything on the X. Such a shame.

Segata308d ago

Jaguar was much more powerful than SNES but SNES had better games. So XBX having more power matters little.

alb1899307d ago

By that time all was Exclusives. Now Exclusives represent a 5% of all the games made.

Dragonscale308d ago

If you truly want another league pc is the way to go lol.

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bigmalky309d ago

When did gaming become so much about hardware anyway? I'm sick of tech junkies wanking over comparison pixels, 3 extra frames per second and the latest expensive technology that still does not make a well made game's gameplay any better or worse.

I really do miss the 80s, 90s and early 00s. There were still console and computer wars, but this incremental penis measuring has been mind-bendingly monotonous for the past ten years. Good games are good games, no matter how powerful your machine of choice. PC, PS4, Xbox, Switch, PS2, NES, Gameboy, Vita, C64, ZX Spectrum... All had or have great games.

Power is the last thing on my mind when I sit down to enjoy a game.

81BX309d ago

I enjoy the power because it can allow for a more immersive experience but I don't think my base ps4 is trash compared to my X. Too many trolls on n4g swear one console is crap and the other is God like lol. Just game on my dude. Just passing time till Sea of thieves and God of war!

No Way308d ago

Same here! Both preordered!

Tetsujin308d ago

I'm more concerned about the direction gaming is going with the "always online" Internet phase, and the idea of having to "hope" what I want to play is still available at a later time.

But I do agree with your original comment; gaming is about experiences, and having a good time. I look at gaming back then, and gaming today, and sad to say but gaming back in the 80s-2005 was much better than it is now. I know I'll get trolled/downvoted but it's about the experience, memories, and local co-op over "the cloud" and other silly buzz words.

bigmalky308d ago

Exactly. People don't seem to grasp what gaming is anymore. It's about tech, console wars and pushing the technology to be some digital only, fully monetised experience with nothing to hold onto anymore.

It's so sad to watch happen.

343_Guilty_Spark308d ago

I guess you weren’t around when Next Generation Magazine was still a thing. Gaming has always been about cutting edge hardware.

bigmalky308d ago

I was around when Zapp 64 and Commodore Format were things thanks.

Gaming mags were about gaming. The tech wanking was always separated from it and gaming was an all inclusive, more fun pastime back then.

Really, the majority of gamers who have been playing games for enjoyment over the past four or five decades, don't give a shit about console power, if PC is the master race, or if the same game looks minimally better on one plastic box or another.

There's too many people spending more time slavering over GPUs and FPS than actually playing and enjoying games.

IamTylerDurden1308d ago

So i'll assume as far as consoles go you were all Sony from 2013-2017 considering it was the best hardware?

Weeblordbad308d ago

Some of that was because less people had the base line understanding of hardware. You really going to tell me no one ever discussed the Commodores superior sprites? The loading times of a NES cartridge vs a "PC"? Mode 7 on a Snes vs the lack of it on Genesis? The swimmy vertices in a PlayStation game vs the oppressive fog in an N64 game?

The issue with discussing hardware is that since the PS2/Xbox/GameCube its been the same games, rendered SLIGHTLY different. More and more we are arguing over shadow quality and the blades of grass, which isn't always a good use of anyone's time. Let's just not pretend that the past didn't have it's fair share of arguing over which games looked better, it did.

bigmalky307d ago

Yeah, of course they did, but I do not remember having arguments with anyone over graphics.

What I do remember, is a lot of us swapped consoles or computers to play different games. Went to each other's houses to have a go at something we didn't have the luck to own ourselves.

I have never chosen a platform due to power, always for games. I'm mainly PS4 and PC at the minute, but also looking to grab a Switch and a 3DS at some point.

I'll be very honest... I'd rather play something with great gameplay and mediocre graphics than something monotonous like Battlefield 1 or Far Cry games. In fact, the most hours I've spent on a game in the past 3 years is The Binding of Isaac... Take from that what you will.

Gameplay will always trump visual appearance if it is truly good. That's real gamer mentality.

Cobra951308d ago

Consoles have never been primarily about power. Maybe now Microsoft, with the strongest hardware and weakest sales, has finally learned that.

GNCFLYER308d ago

Best post I've read in a year or so.

bigmalky307d ago


No, I chose Playstation because I enjoy their games. It was nothing to do with the tech.

I wasn't a fan of Microsoft's IPs after GoW2, Lost Odyssey and console exclusive L4D. It just didn't have as much variety of games and Xbox leaned towards arcade, FPS and driving... I like those genres, but I also enjoy a lot more.

That, and I do not like MS's business models and the lack of customer service, nor getting a refund when trying to replace my son's RROD 360 just put me off them completely, that and his new one scratching the crap out of discs.

I'll buy any reputable games machine to play great games. Nothing to do with power.

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