Nintendo Says Labo's Durability Will be Part of the Fun

When it was originally unveiled, Nintendo Labo picked up traction because it came out of nowhere and because it seemed like a very “Nintendo” thing to do. It wasn’t long, however, before fans started to question the feasibility of expensive cardboard cutouts. In a recent investor Q&A, Nintendo Director Shinya Takahashi explained why the team went with cardboard and just how fun this cardboard is going to be.

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Xenophon_York304d ago

😆😆😆 Clever marketing. Turning a major complaint into a product benefit. So ridiculous it is ACTUALLY funny.

304d ago
IamTylerDurden1304d ago

But isn't durability an issue?

Xenophon_York304d ago (Edited 304d ago )

Absolutely. The point being made, apparently, is that impermanence and being easily destroyed—despite the hefty price tag—is all part of the fun.

I am quite fond of Nintendo, but this is pushing into a realm of being shameful.

EDIT: The products themselves are awesome, but why not make them out of, ya' know, plastic?

Sgt_Slaughter304d ago

Guessing cost and risks of plastics with kids under six or so swallowing parts? I imagine there has to be some reason but Nintendo has done odd things without a valid explanation before so.

iofhua304d ago (Edited 304d ago )

I look at labo as a hugely wasted opportunity by Nintendo.

They shouldn't be selling cardboard cutouts - they should be selling a Nintendo brand 3D printer that you feed cardboard stock into and it "prints" perforations into the cardboard so you can make your own cardboard cutouts.

So Nintendo has a whole line of products they can sell with this thing: the printer, the cardboard, construction kits with tape, glue, string, and pulleys. They could sell design packs on the Nintendo store so you can connect your labo printer to your switch and print new designs.

That would have been huge. Huge amounts of fun. I would have wanted one of those.