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Console Monster has the first European online review of Saints Row

"I'm in two minds right now. I sit here debating whether Saints Row 2 is any good. And it's bugging me, it really is. You see, I had the pleasure of reviewing the original (on another website) and I praised it like I've never praised a game before; I loved every second of it. But something, and I can't quite put my finger on it, is stopping me from loving Saints Row 2".

Read on to find out more in this epic first review.

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ape0073691d ago

sr2=pure fun and addiction

peowpeow3691d ago

Sometimes fun that is stupid does not appeal
Although fun is fun so this is a day one..for me
^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ ^^^^^^^^^^^
Rhymes :]

crazy250003690d ago

anyone played the first one here? how was the game? I will be honest, I didnt like GTAIV at was boring as fun to if this is the same then let me know, so i dont waste my time with it

this my opinion here, no fanboy flame bait intended so dont go all crazy on me =/

edhe3690d ago

First was good, if technically flawed. I had plenty fun in it.

If you thought gta4 was boring (who didn't?) then you will most likely love this.

almanay3690d ago

i didn't like GTA IV too ... i got SR2 yesterday .. it so much fun ... you should definitely get it

Rob Rymond3690d ago

If you want fun, then Saints Row 2 has fun elements; missions are varied and the activities allow for you to essentially piss about and do damage.

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