Final Fantasy Versus XIII Was A Troubled Project In 2012, Square Enix Planned To Cancel It - Tabata

Final Fantasy XV game director Hajime Tabata recently talked about his role in the development of Final Fantasy XV and when he took charge of the project.

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FallenAngel19849d ago

I could’ve sworn I saw a rumor in 2012 that said Final Fantasy Versus XIII would be retrofitted to become Final Fantasy XV.

One year later and the source was right, but now I can’t find that original source anywhere

Nitrowolf29d ago

Iirc i think it may have been Kotaku that then pulled the story cause of community backlash?

Not 100% sure

andyo138d ago

They should have canceled it. It was awful.

Sam Fisher9d ago

Nope, that really happened i remember it exactly. Thats why till this day i call it ver 13

XiNatsuDragnel9d ago

Pretty much confirmed this rumors

masterfox9d ago (Edited 9d ago )

Tetsuya Nomura Final Fantasy game would it be the best FF, look at the list of games Tetsuya and Tabata have work on, best FF games were made by Tetsuya and worst, mediocre or average by Tabata. The probably only good thing I can say about FF XV is that the game was actually released, but man the game felt so incomplete, imo there are CERO! memorable moments in FF XV.

Snookies129d ago

The Ifrit fight was incredibly memorable. Best part of the game in my opinion.

FinalFantasyFanatic8d ago

I actually forgot about it, but I don't feel like the game was particularly memorable overall.

FalconofLucis9d ago (Edited 9d ago )

Nomura is far better than Tabata, just look at FF4, FF5 FF6, FF7, FF8, FF10, Chrono Trigger, Parasite Eve, Brave Fencer Musashi and KH1 and KH2 and Kingdom Hearts 3 it looks actually complete and coherent and lastly FUCKING AMAZING unlike FF15. Suck it Tabata dickriders, you guys are delusional and in denial. Get a grip.

OmnislashVer369d ago

I agree. Like Tabata removing Stella for no damn reason at all. It's not just that she looked better and more practical as a heroine, it's that she actually had everything set out to be that way.

As Stella she was a frenemy- rival. Which played right into the Shakespearean themes. She would have been a rival, boss, and love interest, and played out with the dueling kingdoms theme. She would have been in the game for more than one damned chapter.

Also the enemies weren't delved into like other FF games. FFVII for instance had Rufus, Scarlett, the Turks, etc who greatly influenced in the game. Here were had Aranea who turned into a mercenary immediately, and Ravus, a tragic battle but that was it. Imagine if the Empire was influencing Stella against Noctis, and had their own motives.

I don't blame Tabata completely for the battle system sucking because of the Luminous Engine being hard to work with. But when it comes to the story and bastardizing what Nomura wrote, when it fits the story pretty exactly and had no business being removed, that's a sign of headassery on Tabata's part.

Name Last Name8d ago

Damnn now I miss Brave Fencer Musashi

Germaximus8d ago

Exactly. I'm glad I played through the game but it's a disgrace to the series and should have been cancelled.

Elda9d ago

Hopefully Tabata won't be touching anymore new FF games in the future.

TheColbertinator9d ago

Whatever that game was,I wanted it. More than all three FFXIII games combined.

Kurisu9d ago

The irony is that this was supposed to be one of the three XIII games.

Kurisu9d ago

Yeah, it's a shame that Versus XIII never saw the light of day. The concept of the FNC was great, but the project was too ambitious. To me FFXV will always be "the FF that could have been".

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