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Shadow of the Colossus' new secret begs the question: how much should (or shouldn't) a remake add?

When the Shadow of the Colossus remake from Bluepoint Studios arrived on PS4 earlier this month, some players were surprised to learn that it was not, as they'd predicted, a 1:1 remake. The controls and physics are ever so slightly different, yes, but the real kicker was a strange clue spotted in the game's credits.

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Community309d ago
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Eonjay309d ago

It's not a substantial change. I would say the updated aesthetic takes the cake here.

SuperSonic91308d ago

I say bring on them 32 Colossus DLCs!
We are really having so much fun with the time attacks and speed runs.
Fantastic game indeed.

EeJLP-308d ago (Edited 308d ago )

I think the only way more colossus can be added and work and make any sort of sense (because they're unlikely to fit in the game world, they need their own arenas).. would be to have a new area, or in the new cave where there's like heiroglyphic stone tablets or statues of some ancient extinct colossi and it's like time attack only, where you're transported directly to the arena. So when looking at the depictions you're asked Do you want to challenge the ancient colossi? And it could turn out to all be a dream, like there's a hallucinogenic fungus in the underground cave and you were 'imagining' what it would be like to fight them. Or instead of fungus. You see the stone tablets with colossi depictions / statues in the cave, there could be a little campfire going and it asks something like Do you want to rest? (which) would regain your health, etc like praying at the shine. Either you go straight into dreaming or it asks what are you dreaming of? And it shows the ancient colossi depictions and you can pick whichever and start the battle.

EeJLP-308d ago

Without screwing with the game itself, if they decide to add any, which I really don't think they should or will.. they should probably just be under a Bonus Content tab on the main menu after beating the game. A list of new colossi and you're transported directly to their own arena.

isarai309d ago (Edited 309d ago )

Yeah, this game is very special to me, and i find myself kinda riding this fine line between being glad they've added a couple things and feeling like it kinda changes the tone of this game for the worse. seeing that i get pre-order gear left a smidge of bitter taste in my mouth. Ignoring most of it seems to be preserving quite bit of the tone, but the things i can't avoid are the collectibles, i don't like how they are presented, sparkly, chiming, glowing, fairy things is not how i feel that should be presented. everything in this game is very grounded, from fruit collectibles to lizard tails, so i feel like inexplicable glowing fairy dust just doesn't fit this game at all, really should have just been like small coins with a slight glint/sparkle with much more subtle sound, sort of like a more toned down version of the tails after they've been severed.

With that small rant over i still say it's hard to complain with how much they got right, and how in touch they are with the fanbase that shines through with things like [SPOILER] the ICO easter egg [/SPOILER] and though there are a couple nitpicky things i don't like (his face, and the slight differences in physics/animations) i'm still really REALLY enjoying this remake.

308d ago
Mithan309d ago

Slow news day? lol.
Wish we could downvote articles.

InTheZoneAC309d ago

1. You can play with old controls or new controls
2. Fake news

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