Colossal Win for Sony (UK Charts)

‘Shadow of the Colossus’ remastered for PS4 debuts at No1 pushing ‘Monster Hunter: World’ down to No3. The original PS2 title also debuted at No1, back in W7 2006, however launch week sales of the new PS4 version are 73% greater than that of its predecessor.

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DarkOcelet302d ago

Nice! Congrats bluepoint on a great remake!

Nyxus302d ago

Yeah, it's good to see their great work being rewarded.

uptownsoul302d ago

Its great to see good work pay off...I'm glad the fans of this classic showed support.

Thanks BluePoint for the AWESOMENESS!!!

Transform302d ago

Yes, the PS4 version is incredibly well done.

You can tell that Bluepoint took their task of updating the game for the PS4 with great care.

SuperSonic91302d ago

This legendary game is timeless.
Got the PS3 version too and this version is the best.

So vivid and so clear though the eerieness is minimized but made the open world so much beautiful.

Looking forward for the ICO Remake.

PeaSFor302d ago

But but but, the whinny haters told us that doing remasters/remakes is a just a waste of time and nobody want them.....

bouzebbal301d ago (Edited 301d ago )

wow finally this game gets the success it deserves..
well done!

Who said SP games aren't successful???

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IamTylerDurden1301d ago

I'm happy to see it do well in the UK, but it concerns me to see it so understocked in the US. The game is amazing and deserves to do well, but similar to The Last Guardian it appears that Sony did not ship enough copies to meet demand (at least in the US). The game is sold out at all my local stores so i can only imagine how well it would've sold if Sony had sufficient supply. Regardless, the game is great buy it if you can.

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ArchangelMike302d ago

Wow, that's great news. I still don't know if I'll get it again though?! I got it first on PS2, and then again on PS3. I'm a fan-boy and all that, but I don't know if I'm that big of a fan-boy. No doubt this will open the door to more remasters and remakes. Here's hoping they remake Vagrant Story.

darthv72302d ago

At first I wasn't planning on buying it again (like you I too have the PS2 & 3 versions) but then i saw there is a special edition that includes a steelbook case and now I want it. Hopefully there will be more SE's released because the price of $49.99 is good but scalpers pricing of upwards of $100 is not.

KickSpinFilter302d ago

Really? Sweet I got the special edition for $39.99 Win! Win!
Thx BB!

Dark_Knightmare2302d ago

The special edition is awesome I got mine launch day and I'm so glad I did seeing now how sought after it is.

IamTylerDurden1301d ago

I doubt you will be able to find a SE. The preorders sold out very fast, i preordered mine as soon as it was available. Even the base game is sold out at many places. The remake is amazing though and the SE was well worth the $49.99.

SkippyPaccino302d ago

I'll probably budge when it gets below 20$

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SkippyPaccino302d ago

For sure MakoD! I have too big of a backlog to justify buying games at full price... I usually pre-order what I want on amazon (save 33% off on day one games) and everything else I pick up in the bargain bin.

AspiringProGenji302d ago

It is $40 so I’d bite if I were you. It still plays like a new game

Zabatsu301d ago

Well, for people like me it's amazing. I never played it back then. I don't regret it, because now I get to experience it first hand in this epic remaster.

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UCForce302d ago

Well, look at that ! I think it did pretty good after all. And Bluepoint, you earned my respect for respecting Team Ico legacy.

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