Amazon opens preorders for physical Switch version of Darkest Dungeon: Ancestral Edition

Amazon has opened preorders for the physical release of Darkest Dungeon: Ancestral Edition on the Nintendo Switch.

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Fist4achin302d ago

I heard this is a good game. Any opinions?

Lovable302d ago

Very good game. Worth every penny. Careful tho since it has perma death.

quent302d ago

Great game that will kick you're teeth out and shove them up you're a$$

Still 1 of the best rogue likes I've ever played, with a Godly narrator accompanying every battle to boot

Fist4achin301d ago

A good challenge sounds awesome. Most games today are bit too easy with infinite lives and respawn points.

CorndogBurglar301d ago

This game is awesome. And totally unforgiving.

Here's a tip that I wish I knew early on:

When you first begin don't be afraid to get rid of heroes who have taken on too ailments. It is very important in the beginning to start hording as much money as possible while the enemies are still easy to beat. This way, when you do start moving forward in the game and need higher level heroes, you have plenty of money to heal their negative status effects.

But yeah. Amazing game. I once had a hero who got so shaken by the horrors he was fighting that he became atheist and refused to go to the church for stress relief. He also became obsessed with an "lady of the night" at the bordello and that became the only place he would go to relieve stress. He then caught Syhpilis from going there too often lol.

Game is crazy man.

Fist4achin301d ago

I love that amount of detail the developers put into the game. It sounds like a hoot!