GameCube remakes have a good chance of releasing in North America

For those unlucky few who have missed out on classic titles on the GameCube will end up having another chance to experience them on Wii. Up until now, Nintendo has confirmed that the re-releases will obviously be available in Japan, and later, Europe. Strangely, Nintendo of America has not really provided any word on an NA timeframe, let alone an official confirmation. Based on new details coming from the ESRB however, there's a pretty good chance we'll at least be seeing Pikmin 1 and 2 in North America soon...

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plain rice3715d ago

"Port" is the appropriate word here.

kesvalk3714d ago

the controls are remade to use the Mote...

but i too think they are ports, nonetheless i mmissed the last generation entirely, and as a metroid fan i am sure to get prime 1 ad 2 at least, and hope for a smash melee version...
perhaps a MGS twin snakes and a FF crystal chronicles... but i think it will only be first-party games... what is a pity...

DarkBlood3714d ago

well from what i read in the other news about this

port or remake whatever the hell you call it

i want to get legend of zelda wind waker
metriod prime 1
aready own the second one but wouldn't mind having all 3 games as wii titles
umm what else thats about it i never played pikmin but it may or may not be fun to me

but yeah if wind waker is not coming as a wii title i will just get the used copy that is 24 dollars at eb

GlossGreen3714d ago

news for all of us that didn't jump on the Gamecube when it was out. Now with the possibility of other 'cube titles seeing release (and the new batch of games for the Wii recently announced) there is plenty of reasons for the hardcore gamer to pick one up.

Robearboy3714d ago

Nice one nintendo, rip everyone off a second time around!

ChickeyCantor3714d ago

Not many people have played these great games, although it would be nicer if we had new made games( and there are new games in the mak).

But Metroid prime 1 wih wii controlls is gonna own Metroid prime 3( yes prime 3 looks better but prime one had a better world design)

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