Xbox One Deals Watch: Pick Up LA Noire, Xbox One X Console Cheap Right Now

Here are the best Xbox One deals you're going to find this week, with LA Noire and a Project Scorpio Xbox One X deal front and centre.

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LOCO209306d ago

Thought these Scorpio Editions were limited and sold out..
Looks like they are available from multiple sources. Good news for anyone still looking for this specific edition.
Just could have swore I heard these things sold out rather fast..

CurbStompin306d ago

Well if you clicked the link, you would see that they are available from re-sellers and marked up from the MSRP. All of the Scorpio Editions were sold and were very limited.

GamingSinceForever306d ago

Amazon has them for around $600 which is exactly what the MSRP was. They are and aleays have been available.

I think most believe the extra value ism’t worth the extra $100.

ImGumbyDammit306d ago (Edited 306d ago )


The MSRP for the X, even the Scorpio edition, has always been $499 not $599 that this one is priced at. So your answer should really have been people aren't willing to a $400 more than a S or $100 more than the actual price of an X. But, I guess Amazon sees some demand for this limited version or they wouldn't have priced it a $100 over MSRP. Only 10 in stock.

Note they also have the discontinued and once highly sought after White PS4 Pros. But I guess nobody wants those either and only at $79 over MSRP.

ImGumbyDammit306d ago (Edited 306d ago )


Whoops! My mistake. I have just been informed by a co-worker that the White PS4 Pro was priced originally at $449. So, the limited edition white PS4 Pro console is really only $25 over the original price.

paintedgamer1984306d ago

We all know when ms say things like "limited edition" or "console exclusive" it usually means just the opposite.

On topic:

They need to give games people actually want like when they did a free game with the purchase of an xb1 and at the time most ppl picked destiny 2.

Orr give sot with the purchase of an xb1x like they did with pubg. Simply giving a last gen game isnt going to cut the mustard.

Eonjay306d ago

A lot of scalpers tried to cash in on this but I am kinda glad they were not in short supply because that's what they get. They were trying to sell them for $1000... people never cease to amaze me.

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Xenophon_York305d ago

It bothers me that the majority/if-not-ALL XBOX One game news is either old games from the 360 or Sea of Thieves.