SNK Heroines Looks as Risky as it is Frisky | Hardcore Gamer

SNK Heroines Tag Team Frenzy takes many risks, and frankly, may have trouble finding its audience.

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FallenAngel1984103d ago

I can’t even hate on this game

munchmiller102d ago

On its presentation, with today's SJW garbage in full stride? This is just what's needed. This ought to heat up a few heads out there.

On its greater degree of simplicity, why not? Many people would love to have a fighting game that isn't geared mainly at hardcores, yet, isn't so simple that it nearly plays itself either.

Risky? Maybe. Will have to see its reception when it releases.

AnubisG102d ago

SJW heads will explode!!! I'm loving it.

ErogeMaster102d ago

This game is gonna be a pass since they're using that gahbage kof xiv engine.