PlayStation 5 and PS VR Should Be Separate Purchases but Be Considered Essential Together, Says Dev

PlayStation 5 and PS VR should remain separate purchases but be considered "essential" together, according to Harold Vancol, Creative Director at Grab Games.

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KaiPow305d ago

PSVR's interesting, but I want to see more multiplayer games come out of it. I hope Firewall: Zero Hour can be that.

jukins305d ago

There's a ton of multiplayer what genre is missing really?

Xenophon_York305d ago

Agreed. We need more games like Werewolves, where each player has an avatar of themselves.

LavaLampGoo305d ago

Like not to be negative but is VR actually a think worth investing in at this point?

codelyoko305d ago

Not really. I hope Sony realizes that, it would be a waste of the talent of studios like Naughty Dog and Guerrilla

sampsonon305d ago

coming from someone that's never tried t. and yes, i know you're going to say you have but anyone, that hasn't got sick, loves the experience.

so please, tell us you've tried t and it wasn't any good.
Resident Evil 7 is on another level in VR.

OB1Biker305d ago (Edited 305d ago )

I think VR opens up more opportunities. Companies can invest in it, in addition to traditional gaming.
Actually it feels fresh and maybe needed in comparison to the generalization of MTs

Neonridr305d ago

@sampsonon - RE7 is good, but it's an FPS with head tracking. Give me the ability to aim and melee with my hands and then we can say it's on another level.

sampsonon305d ago

yes. Ace Combat, Resident Evil 7, Star wars X-Wing Experience, Rush Of Blood, and Rigs alone are worth the purchase. and sony is going to be releasing some great VR games this year as well.

i was negative about VR until, well, i actually tried it lol.

simply an amazing experience that you need to try to understand.

my favorite is moment was when i played GT Sport VR with my wheel and peddles... amazing!

smashman98305d ago

@ sampsonon you're totally right that VR is an experience unlike anything else. But the tech is still in it's infancy and because of that it would be a waste to put AAA studios who deliver grade A traditional game experiences like naughty dog and guerilla to make what would essentially be experimental software.
With that being said Resident evil vii was built to be experienced in both and I would like to see more games do this.

UltraNova305d ago


You are wrong. If those big name, high quality studiow dont invest in VR projects then VR will not make it beyond its infantile stage as you put it.

Any new tech needs big guns like ND to create products(games) in order to show us the customers its worth investing in it, there by ensuring its proliferation.

First the devs need to make the software and secondly we need to buy it, not the other way around.

That said, PSVR is on the right path with a ton of software available and more to come and yeah, a ND VR game couldn't come soon enough.

JackBNimble304d ago

Then why wouldn't you want the best devs working on VR?
That really makes no sense.

Dragonscale304d ago

@smash, but thats how things improve. The more people work on vr the better it will become. Ignoring it because its in its infancy won't help to push the tech forwards. Its the most creative devs like Guerilla who would probably be the best people to progress it tbh.

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jukins305d ago

It is for me. There's a ton of EXPERIENCES of different kinds. And that what makes psvr a worthy investment. Farpoint is really a basic shooter tbh. But vr putting literally inside the game makes it amazing. You really have to try it.

And honestly if you were even a little interested and have a ps4 you should've jumped on the $199 full bundles they had during holidays

Bathyj305d ago

You're absolutely right. Without the VR, Farpoint is a competent game with surprisingly good emotional impact in the story, but no one would give it much attention.

But play it in VR, with the Aim controller and sorry, but there is no other shooter that offers an experience like it. The controls are so intuitive. There's nothing like something jumping out from the side at you and snapping the controller around and getting that twitch shot off. It's brilliant.

As is actually holding the gun up to eye level and looking down the barrel to use the iron sights like a real gun, instead of holding L2.

No, if you haven't tried it, your opinion on the subject is worthless. Like taking sex tips from a virgin.

radiantmind13305d ago

Absolutely yes! I have not played a single flat screen game since I got the Skyrim bundle during the holidays. Many will disagree here but they more than likely never payed VR. It is the most compelling form of gaming I have ever played. The only analogy I can think of is like going from old radio broadcasts to TV. While not perfect by any means, in its current form it is still amazing. The VR future, IMO is very bright and can't wait to see where it goes from here.

Profchaos305d ago (Edited 305d ago )

It has some excellent titles personally I find value in it. I've owned a psvr headset since shortly after its launch I still play it regularly.

Between titles like superhot and Skyrim you can see it's not perfect it's early days really but the potential will be huge i would highly recommend VR especially VR on ps5

ILostMyMind305d ago

I am no buying PSVR now because i believe that a new PSVR is coming with PS5 in 2 or 3 years. And that i will buy.

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Neonridr305d ago

I am all in on the VR train (Rift + PSVR). So I hope it isn't going anywhere anytime soon.. lol

SpaceRanger305d ago

I don’t agree with them needing to be essentiall to each other. We’ve seen it before with MS and Kinect. Doing that would leave Sony in the place that MS is right now, playing catch up.

Xerneas305d ago

They are essential. You need a PS4 for VR and you need a PS4 and VR to have full access to the PS4 library.

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