Reviewers Leaking LittleBigPlanet on Ebay

GP Reports: "One of the things we usually get from publishers are games to review, and most of the time we get it 1-2 weeks earlier before the Official Release..."

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Frulond3689d ago

is it in a blue case? all ps3 games come in a transparent white one... at least in the US. only the BDs come in blue cases

Le-mo3689d ago

Blue case = for reviewers. White case = for retail stores.

Transporter473689d ago

now that is a reason the reviewers should not get the game earlier lol, but then again they do need it to review it, so who can we trust now days lol, oh well, is not like the game doesn't come out after next week lol

Sitdown3689d ago

1.)Unless their office had more than one copy, I wonder what there review score is going to be....since they are deciding to get rid of the game. 2.) Are they selling the game cause they need the money, and if did such a company in need of money get the credentials to get review copies.

But then I guess this could have been stolen from the press.

EvilCackle3689d ago

"how did such a company in need of money get the credentials to get review copies."

I doubt it's the company. Probably a reviewer looking for extra money. It's not like you need to be a Fortune 500 Company to have a gaming website with decent traffic, either. Joystiq, Kotaku, etc. probably employ only a handful of folks and I'm sure they get review copies.

Sitdown3689d ago

sort of protocol...cause if not, then all of us could claim to be reviewers and get these review copies and enjoy games weeks and months before release.

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