Lost Odyssey, A Ten Year Reunion

10 Years after Lost Odyssey's original US release date, the team at Way Too Many Games dives back in to see how well it holds up.

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DaDrunkenJester222d ago

One of the rare few good JRPG exclusives for Xbox, back when they had more support. I need to go back and play this again.

gutteranthems221d ago (Edited 221d ago )

I just finished my second playthrough and I can't recommend it enough

221d ago
darthv72221d ago

This would make a good remaster project but damn I'd love a sequel even better.

GottaBjimmyb220d ago

This and Blue Dragon were both amazing IMO.

PressXtoBacon222d ago

I miss this game a ton! Thanks for the write up! I'm definitely going to load it up this week

Number-Nine221d ago

The days when Xbox had good exclusives AND jrpgs

Godmars290221d ago

The same everyone else has. Minus some.

Xerneas221d ago


Thanks for the useless notification and not proving my point wrong or adding much to the conversation.

Godmars290221d ago

Prove what? That you were pointlessly fan wanking? Offering not to the conversation?

Xerneas221d ago

"Xbox now has JRPGs."

How is this pointless fan walking? Its simply stating facts.

Godmars290221d ago

You are saying the Xbox has a JRPG that was on the Xbox.

Xerneas221d ago

"Xbox now has JRPGs."

Still didn't argue that. Because you can't.

_-EDMIX-_220d ago

If they're just going to be on other systems it's still going to question what would actually be the point of purchasing an Xbox with this type of content when every other system is getting the same Japanese RPGs on top of ones that look like they're never going to appear on Xbox?

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gutteranthems221d ago

Here's hoping we'll see another one day

rlow1221d ago

I started it but never got to finish it, but I recently purchased it for another go. Thank goodness for backward compatibility.

meatnormous221d ago

It was given away free 2 years ago when it became BC. I picked it up but still haven't played it.

Xerneas221d ago

This game is lunch for the beast.

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The story is too old to be commented.