PG 2 PlayStation Shoes Instantly Sold out; Already Selling for $700+ on eBay

When PlayStation, Nike, and NBA All-Star Paul George announced the limited edition PG 2 PlayStation colorway shoes, the PlayStation Nation was excited. Little did they know they never had a chance to own a pair to begin with.

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2pacalypsenow306d ago

I had 35 entries for the raffle and took 35 L’s, they must of only made like 100 pairs.

-Foxtrot304d ago

They always make these gaming shoes or film inspired ones like super limited

Why not just make a limited edition colour scheme or something sure but the entire thing. It's like they don't want my money.

ZeroX9876304d ago

they could easily do a preorder to cover everyone who really wants it.

304d ago
ccgr304d ago

They look cool but I won't pay scalper prices for them

greywolf39304d ago (Edited 304d ago )

Idiot sellers and above all People. Disgusting

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The story is too old to be commented.