Will There Ever be a Portable Xbox?

A reader asks whether Microsoft should try and make its own equivalent to the Switch, or bring its games to Nintendo’s console.

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kungfuian221d ago

They don't need to. Play anywhere or some iteration of the Xbox platform will expand to mobile the second it's viable (2-3 years is my guess).

NecrumOddBoy221d ago

I just expect one day Xbox controller will sync to Surfaces and use Xbox Play Anywhere.

timotim220d ago

They do exactly that right now haha

PUBG221d ago

Agreed. Just look at the Xbox App (the beta app in particular) for Android (and iPhone I believe), where you can now enter into Party Chat, and where you get pretty close to the same experience as you get with the PC version of the App.

With cell phones quickly approaching the processing power of the Xbox 360, it is conceivable that Microsoft could bring the Backwards Compatibility program to smart phones through an emulator, just like they do on Xbox One, and like they're talking about doing with PC.

Being able to play Xbox 360 games and original Xbox games on an Android smart phone or an iPhone would be a major game changer.

ILostMyMind220d ago

I think you meant Windows Phone.

MecheSlays220d ago

The iPhone 7 gpu is 246 gflops which already beats the Xbox 360s 240 gflops. The iPhone 10 is about as powerful as the switch.

PUBG220d ago

@ MecheSlays

Absolutely, that's what I mean, we are pretty much there with current technology. It will be interesting to see what kind of processing power smart phones will have 2 - 3 years from now.

Professor_K221d ago

Mobile games are crap and no where near what a true hand held could be.
Handhelds are gaming devices with hardware fully dedicated to play games.

Not to mention it wouldn't have buttons or joysticks , just a crappy touch screen format, not what people want.

Lon3wolf221d ago

Or you could pair a controller to your device.

InTheLab221d ago

Barely enough games to cover the console. They certainly don't need a handheld or hybrid as the power of the xbox1x is the only thing going for them...

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PhoenixUp221d ago

After failing with Zune, Microsoft’s gaming division will never enter the portable market

TheCommentator221d ago

How is an MP3 player related to a portable console?

Makes as much sense as saying Sony's cell phone business is a reflection of PS Vita's potential for success.

Quetza221d ago

How about Windows Mobile phones! Do they still exist?

They would probably be a better example.
(@mobile subject to typsos)

Razzer221d ago

The point is Microsoft hasn’t done very with anything portable. Games console would be an even riskier venture than phones at this point.

Professor_K221d ago

Widows phones we're lit tho. Had a nice camera AND could save your life...bullet proof and all.

TheCommentator220d ago (Edited 220d ago )

@ Razzer

That may be your point, but not the point that Phoenix Up made. His point was to connect the failure of Zune to that of a portable game console.

Your point makes more sense. TBH, I don't see much of a point in portable consoles at all considering everyone has portable phones, tablets and such. Hook up a BT controller and you're good for home console gaming on the go!

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PhoenixUp221d ago

Microsoft’s Xbox division is the one that created the Zune

Sony’s gaming subsidiary doesn’t make phones so that’s a horrible comparison

TheCommentator220d ago

No, a horrible comparison is associating an MP3 player, with no game support, to a portable console...

PhoenixUp220d ago

Zune had games

Zune is the closest Microsoft will ever come to making a portable, especially since it was made by the Xbox division and could’ve transformed into a versatile gaming system like iPod, its main competitor, eventually turned into

MaximusPrime_221d ago

Can’t see it happening. XBOX one still unable to outsell PS4. So what’s the point of entering portable market?

Lennoxb63221d ago

Why do they have to outsell the PS4 in order to be successful. Samsung isn't outselling Apple phones yet their still successful. The video game industry is the only industry where second place is last. Unless they're a Japanese company of course.

Mr_Writer85221d ago

The console market is tiny in comparison to the mobile market.

So whilst Apple might be the biggest brand, there is plenty of money to be made.

The handheld gaming market is quite a small market, in comparison to the mobile one.

And Nintendo have that market on lockdown. They would literally have to spend billions to make a good enough assault.

Which is unlikely to happen when they can't dominate the console market after spending billions.

Xerneas220d ago

Wii U couldn't outsell the Xbox One but Nintendo has unstoppable success in the portable space. Switch shattered expectations of those that said it will flop like the Wii U.

irishyort220d ago

@maximusprime_ because Sony has done it badly and it clearly works with the switch. If the Vita had have been supported by Sony other than having the very good Borderlands 2 and N-O-T-H-I-N-G else it would have left the 3DS in its wake. The fact of promise and no delivery really hurt Sony here. I dont think Xbox anywhere would have this issue if they chose to go down this path and I believe it could very well leave Sony in its wake and now have a portable market that Sony envy so much.

Lennoxb63221d ago

There already is. It's called the Surface tablet/book.

Razzer221d ago

lol....that is NOT a portable Xbox.

Lennoxb63221d ago

The Surface book is more powerful than the base Xbox and it can detach from the keyboard and be a tablet. All that's left is to link your Xbox controller to it and you can play Xbox Play Anywhere games. How is it not a portable Xbox.

Razzer221d ago (Edited 221d ago )

Yeah....cuz it is a PC! It will play everything from GOG to Steam or whatever. Tell me how that is Xbox.

chiefJohn117221d ago (Edited 221d ago )

They already did

Razzer221d ago

No, they really didn’t

chiefJohn117221d ago

That's odd. I guess I played Xbox games in my mind and not in the car.

Razzer221d ago

Your laptop is not an Xbox.

DJK1NG_Gaming221d ago

dedicated xbox portable system not laptop