Kingdom Hearts III Gets New Information on Gameplay, Gummi Ship, Development and More

During the reveal event for Kingdom Hearts III at D23 in Japan, Square Enix provided some interesting information about the game and what you can expect.

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PhoenixUp161d ago

Riku looking hella slick

Neonridr161d ago

except the most important piece of information... when we can actually play it :P

AdonisIsBeast161d ago

It at least confirmed this year

InKnight7s161d ago

29, Nov and FFVII somewhat between Feb and March 2019.

jaluyegur161d ago

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joab777161d ago (Edited 161d ago )

Just knowing this year is great. Mist likely Fall so it will be RDR2 and this as the two HUGE games this yr, well and BF5 and CoD.

Off topic, I really hope the new BF is BC3.

FallenAngel1984160d ago

Any news on if the Tokyo division team that made KH1, KH2, & FFXV are helping work with development on KH3 now?