PS5 And Xbox Two To Be Cloud Based Says Final Fantasy's Hajime Tabata

The PS3 and the PS4 took it the next step by taking the gaming experience online. But the PS5 and the next Xbox console are going to a completely new level, that is if we are to believe the words of one legendary director.

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Also, Tabata doesn't say that either console is going to be cloud-based...
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Community307d ago
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PhoenixUp308d ago

Director talking out of his ass

Zeref307d ago

They're definitely not going to be completely cloud based but Xbox did say that they're planning to launch a streaming service in 2019 2020, so you'd definitely have the option by then .

307d ago
fiveby9307d ago

Being cloud-based is very nebulous. Cloud means many different things. I'd be surprised and saddened if they mean completely streaming services. I suspect that is not what the next step in console gaming will be. Cloud-based components to gaming though. That will occur. Most corporate computing will be moving to a cloud-based infrastructure. Gaming will follow suit to a degree.

KillBill306d ago

I would have to see a link to Microsoft discussing this point...

Blasphemy307d ago (Edited 307d ago )

what makes you think so? big dev get early console specs 2 years before they launch. i could see what hes saying being a thing. 5g will change everything. it will give everyone 1gb+ speeds with 1ms latency, WIRELESSLY. if you dont see the potential in this i can see why you disagree with him.

Blasphemy306d ago

i would be curious to know why people disagree with what i said.

306d ago
Chocoburger306d ago

@Blasphemy, yes developers get information on consoles in advance, he possibly has information on PS5 right now. However, its all under NDA contract, there's no way he could leak real information on these next consoles without Sony's lawyers filing a lawsuit against him within 10 seconds of making that statement publicly.

Sony and Microsoft control information about next-gen consoles at a time like this, its not up to Tabata to tell us what PS5 will or won't be. So this is why we believe he's talking out his ass.

OmnislashVer36306d ago

It will increase the mobile gaming space no doubt, but core gamers still won't give two damns about playing on a 5-inch screen.

indysurfn306d ago

I dont know I live in even my brand new fiber optics is still 5ms latency. It is faster than my 300mps comcast (which I dropped last month). But I dont see more than 10 percent with a 1gb coming soon. Unless every company upgrades AGAIN. And lower prices for the gigabit speeds. Because how many people are going to spend over 130$ for just internet connection?

MeteorPanda306d ago (Edited 306d ago )

because access? How many countries will have 5g? Who wins here? The internet providers who have been more outrageous with their pricing bundles every year. That's why no one wants digital.

Ahh, you're a troll. "why? cloud gaming makes everything easier and less time consuming. you can get right into the game instead of waiting hours in line for it to release." No sane person says this. Hours in line for it to release? We arn't apple fans here.

DJStotty306d ago

maybe because everyone wont get 1GB+ speeds with 1ms latency

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Blasphemy307d ago

just wanted to update you on why what he is saying maybe a possibilty if these consoles launch around 2020 when 5g will become a thing.

MatrixxGT306d ago

5g will be a thing in select cities within the infrustructure. More rural areas will not see 5g for many years after 2020. That said ill stick with ps4 and be done with gaming if this shit goes cloud.

TheUndertaker85306d ago

My area right now barely supports LTE or 4G. Even 3G at points is sketchy. Not to mention consistency factors. One minute you're running perfect 4G and the next you're roaming. I'd also argue prices right now for such services aren't exactly pretty and data caps are a large hindrance.

Blasphemy306d ago

why? cloud gaming makes everything easier and less time consuming. you can get right into the game instead of waiting hours in line for it to release.

Aenea306d ago

4g isn't even available everywhere why would adoption of 5g be faster?

Psychotica306d ago

No thanks, I rather use the wi-fi connection over my LAN.

iloveallgames306d ago

4G LTE became available to install in 2009. At&t didn't start installing towers until 2011. Now look at At&t's 4G LTE coverage in the US 7 years after their first tower (red dots are LTE towers). 9 years after 4G LTE launch, still pathetic coverage.

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Nu306d ago

Xbox Two is the reason I'm skipping the XBox X

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fr0sty307d ago

"Cloud Based" translated means "Online required". I'd hope both Sony and MS learned from XBone's mistake there...

Gunstar75306d ago

Who here isn't connected to the internet???

TheUndertaker85306d ago (Edited 306d ago )

Sony clearly hasn't. Save Data on PS4 short of a system to system transfer requires cloud storage via PlayStation Plus. PlayStation Now is connected to streaming and doesn't allow a full download. Even video content that was purchased on PS3, where it could be stored on the system, only allows streaming on PS4 with no download option. Avatars on PS3 allowed the user to download those avatars to the system for use by any account on the same system. PS4 did away with that, affiliating avatars with PSN accounts. Even most music which could be downloaded to the PS3 cannot be on PS4.

It's actually quite odd after the beginning of this gen. People harking on Microsoft for having an "always online" stance. Sony even chirped in. Microsoft altered their stance and eliminated many of the always online policies. Yet Microsoft allows more content to be stored to their system as a result while Sony is pushing streaming alternatives left and right.

It's also downright BS that one Xbox Live subscription on a Xbox One allows any users on the system to access cloud storage for their saves without the need to subscribe each account. Yet on PlayStation devices to use cloud storage all accounts need a PlayStation Plus subscription.

FITSniper306d ago

@TheUndertaker85. That's not true. You can back up save data to an external hard drive.

PlayStation_5307d ago

Don't worry. This isn't "News" or even a "Rumor". In fact, it shouldn't even qualify as an "Opinion" since Hajime Tabata isn't even quoted as saying any of this in the article. This is nothing but pure "Clickbait". Where's that tag N4G? 0_o

Xenophon_York307d ago (Edited 307d ago )

XBOX could be hypothesizing how difficult it would be to win back control of the game console market next generation.

The XBOX One X could have had been a test to determine how many dedicated gamers they could win back.

The momentum PlayStation has from the end of the PlayStation 3's cycle and the hit-the-ground-running PS4 will be near impossible for Microsoft to catch up to with an XBOX Two.

In short, why would they pour hundreds of millions of dollars into a locally processed console when a cheaper cloud-based console delivers the same content?

It's going to be one of the most exciting console generation reveals ever.

agent4532306d ago

I agree, is just becoming financially impossible to release a console with current technology for less than $800.00. Sony electronic department was already working on 4K tvs on 2010. Sony's gaming department knew about the upcoming 4K tv but to save 💰 and keep the PS4 at $400.00 decided to come out and sell a 2010 gaming machine. If the PS4 Pro had come out instead with native 4K not pseudo, the console itself would of cost $600.00-$700.00 dollars. Proving, that continuing with console hardware it will only hold gaming back. PS Now, xbox game pass combined with PSN/Xbox Live can bring a low cost cloud/download tv experience without the need of outdated console hardware

Chocoburger306d ago

"Save Data on PS4 short of a system to system transfer requires cloud storage via PlayStation Plus."

I back up my PS4 save files on a USB drive. Did you not know this was possible?

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Nyxus308d ago

Hopefully not, and I really doubt it. Maybe as an extra option (as is already the case with services like Xbox Game Pass and PlayStation Now), but not as a replacement for physical media.

Sonic_Vs_Mario308d ago

Xbox Game Pass isn't a cloud based service, you need an Xbox console to take advantage of the service.

Razzer307d ago (Edited 307d ago )

No, you don’t. Game Pass is available on Windows 10 for Play Anywhere games. No Xbox needed.

How many times are you going to be corrected on this before it sinks in?

kevnb307d ago

Fine you can play a few games on pc, it’s still not a steaming service.

Razzer307d ago

Cloud based doesn’t necessarily mean streaming

fathertime4464307d ago (Edited 307d ago )

@raider only play anywhere games work on pc via game pass. Lmao cloud based most definitely implies streaming

Razzer307d ago

Cloud = streaming is an extremely limited view. It is hard to say what the Tabata is referring to as there are no direct quotes, but many have referred to cloud based as content delivery systems that goes along with the GaaS model.

306d ago
spicelicka306d ago


I think OP means you need HARDWARE to play the games. They aren't being streamed off the cloud. Just using Xbox as an example.

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agent4532306d ago

Why not, today's consoles needed a bloody ass upgrade to keep up with gaming. Do you really think Jurassic World Evolution, Iron Harvest, Final Fantasy 7 remake is going to work on og PS4/Xbox one. The answer is no; thus, it would prove why Sony/Microsoft needed to upgrade their consoles. It also proves console hardware is dead and buried

XiNatsuDragnel308d ago

Hell no Imma out if that's true

Lennoxb63307d ago

Where are you going lol?

XiNatsuDragnel307d ago

Probably reading, questing with babe etc....

Lennoxb63307d ago


Nintendo is pretty much already there with the Switch.