Should Konami let Bluepoint remake Metal Gear Solid?

This week saw the release of the PlayStation 4 remake of Shadow of the Colossus by Texas based studio BluePoint Games. The game has been very well received by the press and gamers alike, garnering even higher ratings than the original PlayStation 2 game when it came out over a decade ago. What people like about this remake is that it is very faithful to the original, and it manages to retain its characteristic atmosphere, but at the same time it is still a huge upgrade, and easily one of the best looking games of the past few years. It’s a classic disguised as a brand new game.

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PhoenixUp309d ago (Edited 309d ago )

Metal Gear Solid already has a remake, I don’t see Konami commissioning a second one.

You’d sooner see Metal Gear Solid 4 get remastered.

Nyxus309d ago

That's true but that one wasn't received so well by the fans. Also, it's only available for Gamecube.

NewMonday308d ago

they should remake the original 2 MG games

Solid Snake vs Big Boss

fr0sty308d ago

I don't care if they remake it, I won't be buying anything from Konami again.

theKiller309d ago

I think snake eater remake will make more sense because it is in a jungle and blueprint could make the jungle so detailed and the animals and snakes etc.

mgs1 is the best game, yes, but a remake could not make an impact like it would with mgs3 because of the jungle potential. mgs1 is mostly buildings and snow, not much nature like mgs3.

duvibuyef308d ago

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Rude-ro308d ago

The “impact” depends on the remake.
MG:S could have a major impact being brought to today’s power.
But it would need to be remade. Just cleaning up what the game is would not have the impact.
Imagine mantis or Wolfe’s fights completely updated? Drool

BiggerBoss309d ago

A complete Metal Gear Solid 3 remake would be an instant buy for me

PhoenixUp308d ago

@ Ny

Even then there hasn’t been a lot of times in this industry where a game has had two extensive remakes

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SpaceRanger309d ago

The gamecube one could end up being what they build off of. But a MGS remaster with MGS4 or MGSV level of detail would be amazing.

k2d308d ago

As long as they stop calling it a remake like they do with Shadow of the Colussus.

I like SotC 2018 for what it is, but it's only a remake in the strictest technical sense; They've upped the graphics in every way imaginable, but done next to nothing with the gameplay. Camera is wonky, animations are better AND WORSE depending on how you look at it, and some of the gameplay even feels more dated due to the graphics. Artstyle the straight up botched and I DO appreciate their effort in trying to get it right..

If I were to sum up SotC 2018 in one phrase, it would be 'spread out to thin'.

Segata309d ago

I prefer they remake Ape Escape or Medievil.

xHeavYx309d ago

Isn't there a Medievil game in the works?

Segata309d ago

I think that is just an HD port of the PSP game.

Frinker309d ago

Pretty sure Medievil is getting remade

Segata308d ago

At PSX they just said a remaster not a remake

TheTony316309d ago

Medievil is getting a remake.

DarkZane308d ago


No, the PS1 game is getting a full remake. It's like Crash bandicoot trilogy.

AnubisG308d ago


Where did you get that information from?

Eidolon308d ago (Edited 308d ago )

PSX dude, were you living in a cave? Do you not know what google is?

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DedicatedDark309d ago

No. Because remakes that only updates graphics are utterly pointless.

Jaypi03308d ago

Not exactly, sometimes the gameplay is already solid so there's no need to rework them, the only thing that needs to be worked on is the graphics which would be brought up to date for a more modern audience.

munchmiller308d ago

You hear that? Listen. That's the sound of "nobody" agreeing with you. lol

DedicatedDark308d ago

My my. Now how will I go on with my life. I am literaly nothing without the approval of insignificant people. Oh! Good bye cruel world.

Rude-ro308d ago

That is not a “remake”... that is just an update port version.

harv052307d ago

Didn't they redo the whole engine as well? It's not just graphical upgrades, it was remade from the ground up, not including art and the "feel" of the game...

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EeJLP-309d ago (Edited 309d ago )

Yes, remaster/remake MGS1. If they do a full remake, then it should also have a remaster of the original version included. Hopefully they use original or remastered original audio instead of rerecording the lines in different voices and tones. The PS1 voices and sounds are classic, but some lines may be delivered better in Twin Snakes. It's been a long time since I compared the two.

There are way too many ridiculous scenes in Twin Snakes. He flips around like he's ninja raiden. Definitely do not base the remaster off of Twin Snakes.

LonDonE308d ago

i disagree, i never did understand all the hate twin snakes gets!
Regardless i thought it was a travesty that twin snakes wasn't included in the set on ps3, i would love a remaster of twin snakes on current gen consoles, heck how about MGS4 on xbox one allowing a bigger audience the chance to play it? i love all the classic mgs games and was very disappointed with phantom pain.

Either way i think a remake/remaster of MGS will be awesome, but these rumours have been around for a while and still nothing is here so i doubt it will happen.

Jermsallstar308d ago

I always saw Twin Snakes as the exaggerated story of Shadow Moses. Like the legend of Solid Snake. "He's so badass, he once rode a missile and took down a chopper." Whereas the original game is what actually happened.

EeJLP-307d ago

Interesting take, Jerm. Still think a lot of the scenes are ridiculous, but that's an interesting way to look at it.. The story being retold and exaggerated.

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