Quantum Theory In Game Shots

in game shots of the newly announced ps3 exclusive Quantum Theory.

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thor3716d ago


This game looks absolute garbage at the moment and unless something changes it's going to flop hard.

pwnsause3716d ago

relax, we dont even know what the game is about, we havent even seen real gameplay yet. Lets judge after Tecmo shows the goods. I'm still surprised though they are making a PS3 game that's exclusive for the console for now.

thor3716d ago

It is SO obvious that this is a Japanese game company some of whose members enjoyed playing gears of war and then said "we can make that it'll sell really well" - but they don't have any experience with the genre. There isn't really any more room for shooters as it is, and the only ones that get noticed are the sequels and games with great graphics. They have put this game so close to gears in terms of art direction and gameplay that gears makes it look hopeless.

HighDefinition3716d ago (Edited 3716d ago )

This looks BAD to you.

thor3716d ago

You could say that.

Maybe it is because I have done some 3D modelling, or maybe it's because I notice flaws in graphics before I notice the detail, or maybe it's just because I really don't like the art direction, but this game looks technically very poor. Look at the lack of detail in the environment. Look at the poor quality textures. Look at the terrible particle effects. Look at the low-poly characters. Look at the bland, bland floor.

There's something that looks very bad about these images as well, I can't quite put my finger on it. Might be the complete lack of any anti-aliasing, might be the simplistic shader effects, might be the lack of polish or it might be a combination of all the above factors. If you compare this game to any graphical powerhouse on 360 or PS3 it looks like a last-gen game.

leila013716d ago

Looks like Gears of War, for Queers.

DiabloRising3716d ago

Hey Thor, nice to see someone else who is a fellow artist. Do you prefer Maya or Max?

Also, had to ask... do you find it funny people compare graphics all the time in such laymans terms, without ever taking time to discuss the pros and cons of each element? Such as art direction, character design, lighting, etc. All I ever hear is "ZOMG look at teh texturs!"

LightningPS3PS33716d ago

But right now I'm branding this game Gears of War meets Final Fantasy X.

If it delivers I think I have a new favorite game.

supahbad3716d ago

wow thor, you think being such a modern day michaelangelo you would have realised we don't even know how long this has been in developement, and they probably haven't even began to think about the kind of polishing you're talking about because they probably started work on it four-five months before NG2 went gold

thor3716d ago

Lol I use Blender - free software FTW.

No seriously Blender is great software - when I first started using it to now you can see a VAST improvement and the number of features added (things like SSS and fluid dynamics, Softbody dynamics, strands for rendering hair and fur, it didn't even have a built in raytracer when I used it first) is amazing.

And yeah I do find it funny that people compare graphics in very simple terms and throwing in a technical term just to try to back up their argument. People seem to overlook the most technically impressive games. For instance, I think that Wipeout HD has some of the best graphics ever seen on a console. It runs at 1080p/60FPS, there are hardly any jaggies, the whole thing is incredibly polished, the art style is fantastic and the particle effects are so well designed I think they beat crysis's. The graphics of that game couldn't really be any better - you can say there's not many ships on-screen but for the gameplay to remain the same the graphics can't be improved much more.

Now take a game like uncharted - now there are a couple of things wrong with that game graphically - the aliasing is terrible, the foliage looks weak up-close, the environment looks pretty but it's very linear and the areas are actually quite small, and the shaders seem quite basic (though might be an art style thing). But everyone seems to hail Uncharted as having some of the best graphics on consoles, and technically I don't think it does.

CaptainHowdy3716d ago

I'm sorry, and WHO again was the first gears for?...dripping with machismo and steroid pumped testosterone? (oh....and "brotherly love")

leila013716d ago

I hate Gears, FPS or Third person shooters. But I think the main character in Gears really looks manly and cool. This one just looks... gay, from what I've seen.
That's just my opinion though.

mikeslemonade3716d ago

This is probably a PS3 exclusive just because Tecmo could not get permisson to bring such a similiar game like Gears for the 360. Microsoft would never allow that. When this game releases it will aleast match the visuals of Gears 2. Granted there is less objects in this game but they are nicely done with not that many jaggies.

DiabloRising3716d ago

I hear ya. I'd love actual discussions on the pros and cons of game visuals instead of "MGS4 looks better than Gears." How? Why? There is so, so so much more to a game than just texture fidelity. Howabout the fact that Gears 2 looks to have distance fog and simple geometry? Or the fact that Uncharted has screen tearing and aliasing? There's more to it than just "graphics" and that's why I laugh my ass off when people who have no clue what they are talking about start arguing which looks better.

Altis13716d ago

Looks like the next "Army of Two" in attempting to recreate what Gears has perfected but failing in the end.

juuken3716d ago

What's the matter?
Afraid that this game might be a contender for Gears of War? :D

nieto23716d ago (Edited 3716d ago )

the first comment I saw was the one from socomnick. retarded nick and comment BTW, but then i saw the screens and my thinking it's exactly the same. graphics = meh. ;-0

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thor3716d ago

I can understand if you like the art style, that's personal preference. (I hate the art style of this game but hey). But you cannot possibly say that this game is technically impressive from a graphical standpoint. It is lightyears behind Gears, MGS4, Killzone 2 and even your average movie-to-game conversion looks better than this. I know the graphics will probably improve but they should not have released these screens/pre-rendered video interspersed with actual gameplay footage.

beast3716d ago (Edited 3716d ago )

LOL. I like you , after suffering with Detroit lions, I needed a laugh and son you just gave me one. I enjoy clowns

Roukuko3716d ago

its a beta build the grahpics dont matter yet

thor3716d ago

The graphics may not matter yet, but why are they releasing those screens if they look so bad? Screens are meant to be released to hype people about the game and these put me off. The gameplay, presumably, matters - but the game is a new IP from a dev that hasn't made this type of game before. It's ripped straight from gears of war and even if they perfected the shooting and cover mechanics with graphics like that it wouldn't even come close.

chanto233716d ago

at least visually so far...but the developers said it was the japanese answer to Gears so i'm interested in how the gameplay will be...

Roukuko3716d ago

well if its ment to be a jap shooter then grahpics dont matter that much, because they dont care about grahpics over there its all about gameplay. Also besides steriod chars this game looks nothing like gears its probly gonna play more like unreal.

pwnsause3716d ago (Edited 3716d ago )

although i do agree with thor about a lot of things, lets give them time and see what they can do with this game. in my opinion, im starting to get tired of Gears controls.

supahbad3716d ago

i think everyone has to admit that the big boss guy looks tight as hell

mfwahwah3715d ago


I was going to enjoy posting in this article, but you're comments literally make me want to scratch my eyes out. You're the kind of person that makes me rage.

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Draperc3716d ago

Reminds me of gears of war...... the graphics look......well, not very good to me, I think I'll skip this game and pre order killzone 2 instead. I don't feel like playing a japanese version of gears of war. =/

eric1003716d ago (Edited 3716d ago )

the game has color and looks better

100% ingame shot (reticle in the middle)

solidt123716d ago

looks pretty good. I like the art direction and I am a sucker for third person action/shooters.

CaitSith3715d ago (Edited 3715d ago )

TPS games are really exciting.
Well, any shooter genre for that matter.
I might get this game.

HOT GIRL + TPS = heh heh heh...LOL jkjkjk I have my girl to keep me company anyways...She'll be busy with LBP. Damn, gonna fight for the controller again..Need to get another controller.


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Imallvol73716d ago

this could sink or swim. a good Japanese shooter with great story for the win!

ThanatosDMC3715d ago

It looks like a rip off from Gears then implanting it on a DMC1 setting.

meepmoopmeep3716d ago (Edited 3716d ago )

it looks pretty cool, like a JPN version of Gears

i'm liking the art direction so far.

razer3716d ago

"it looks pretty cool, like a poor mans JPN version of Gears"

Fixed that for you.

The gaming GOD3716d ago

"trolling is what I do best baby"

Fixed that for you

pansenbaer3715d ago

Wow. 5 disagrees because I though "trolling is what I do best baby" was funny... I see the 360 fanboys are out tonight.

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