Kingdom Hearts III Gets Gorgeous New Trailer Revealing Monsters Inc. World

Square Enix released a brand new trailer of Kingdom Hearts III, also revealing a Monsters Inc. world and a new theme song performed by Hikaru Utada.

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DarkOcelet188d ago (Edited 188d ago )

I need this game in my life RIGHT NOW!

Boo is so cute :3

rocukiwamo187d ago

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UCForce187d ago (Edited 187d ago )

I love her. She is adorable. I remember I watched Monster Inc. and it was great movie.

TheGamez100188d ago (Edited 188d ago )

Yup that leak was legit. Soras monster inc form looks....ehh...

Abriael188d ago

But that song... oh god.

FalconofLucis187d ago

yh i dont like the new song, its very different from the first 2 its not got that kh feeling to it

Hylian10187d ago

His new look is WAY better than what we saw in the leaks.

OmnislashVer36187d ago

I like Sora and Goofy. Donald creeps me out though.

UCForce187d ago

Oh boy ! Here come the furry fandom. And trust me, you people aren’t like it.

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PhoenixUp187d ago

This game is actually becoming a reality this year

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PhoenixUp187d ago

Square Enix is going to give us the release date this E3.

They wouldn’t do that for a title that’s more than a year away from release

The 10th Rider187d ago

I mean, I personally think they're aiming for this year. However I wouldn't out it past them to announce a spring 2019 release date and then to end up delaying it to Summer of Fall, so I wouldn't take the statement about a release date bring given at e3 as a hard confirmation it'll be out before e3 2019

zivtheawesome187d ago

game looks great! really like i'm playing a pixar film. i just hope that they'll improve the hair rendering/AA solution as the characters hair creates a lot of aliasing.

Guyfamily999187d ago

Yeah I noticed that too, was wondering if they were using AA at all.

CertifiedGamer187d ago

I believe the regular ps4 and X1 will not support AA while the X1X and Pro version will.

DJK1NG_Gaming187d ago

Looking great! Now Square Enix don't disappoint with the release date info at E3.

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The story is too old to be commented.