Test Freaks: Crysis Warhead Reviewed

Test Freaks writes: "Contrary to popular belief or rumors, PC gaming is alive and well, as long as there is a PC there will be gaming on it. There are new games being released all the time for the PC, some are good and some are not of course, but that's how it is with all gaming platforms..

Crysis Warhead is probably one of the most anticipated games of 2007, ever since the success of Crysis, fans have been patiently awaiting a release of a sequel. So, Crysis Warhead was released, but it's not really a sequel, as much as part of the original story, just played from a different point of view. Honestly I was a bit disappointed with this aspect of it, I was hoping for an actual sequel to Crysis, new areas, new weapons, new plotlines etc, and I was expecting to learn more about what's going on, to help fill in the blanks, and answers the questions from the last game."

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