Why Persona 4 Golden is Better Than Persona 5

“I recently completed Persona 5 — while I do think it’s a fantastic role-playing game that builds upon Persona 4 in just about every way possible, it’s missing an element of its predecessor that I loved, murder mystery.“ — PlayStation Enthusiast

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AspiringProGenji310d ago

Murder and Mystery were P4’s theme. P5 is about Freedom, Rebellion. P5 is not missing anything

TheGamez100310d ago

They both handled different themes. I personally enjoyed p4g better just because I preferred that games theme more.

Wrex369309d ago

*and you could take it on the go with the Vita :P

PhoenixUp310d ago (Edited 310d ago )

I do admire how every game in the series handles its themes in contrasting ways, which is best exemplified by how the Velvet Room is presented in each game

Antnee534310d ago

Sorry opinions can be wrong and this is a wrong opinion persona 5 was the best persona to date. Now we will have to see once 6 comes out

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michellelynn0976309d ago

No opinions are not wrong. They are allowed to have em.

Razzer309d ago

I didn't think P4 was a good as P3 personally. But doubt the best yet.

PhantomS42309d ago

For me P3 still has the best story, P5 the best gameplay but P3,4,&5 are all amazing games

ecchiless309d ago

I hope im not the only one that played the first 2(actually 3) persona games in the PS(psone), cause those games were amazing too, im personally hoping for a remake of those games(eternal and sin are my favourites.

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PhantomS42309d ago


I've also played the first two, really enjoyed them and I agree they are also amazing but certainly different compared to P3-5

PurpHerbison308d ago

P3 still has the best music by a LONG shot.

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The story is too old to be commented.