Out of Eight: Combat Mission Shock Force: Marines Review

Out of Eight writes: "Sometimes I get preview beta versions of games, and one of those games was Combat Mission Shock Force. While I was doing the preview, I messed around with the map editor and created some maps that actually made it into the release. They weren't very good and the developers cleaned up and improved them a lot. Consequently, when I gave the finished product an 8/8, I caught some slack because I was now "one of the scenario designers," which, I suppose, is technically true but a bit misleading. Now that we have that explanation out of the way, we can now talk about Combat Mission Shock Force: Marines (the colon has migrated), the first in a series of planned expansions (or modules, as they like to be called) for Combat Mission: Shock Force. Do the Marines bring the goods?"

The Good:
+Lengthy new campaign
+A number of stand-alone scenarios

The Not So Good:
-Marines aren't terribly different and the subtle changes don't impact the gameplay
-General bug fixes and improvements will be included in a free patch anyway

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