Homeless Man Crafting 'Best Game Ever'

Wired writes: "A homeless, penniless, Chicago-area man is working his way toward becoming a game designer. What's more the amateur wants to become the "best game designer ever."

In a simultaneously hilarious and heartbreaking post on his personal blog, Gamasutra's Chris Remo details the man's struggles, from losing his job, his home and the support of friends, to living in a shelter and attempting to craft an amazing game deemed "a blend of old-school Castlevania 2-D type of game with Super Mario RPG," that he has entitled Me vs. My Robots.

Normally I wouldn't spotlight anyone's attempt at amateur game design (particularly without any actual assets to show you all) but the story -- re-created by Remo via internet detective work -- is simply too amazing to pass up."

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Internet Trolling Ex3689d ago

Sounds like the game would be best suited the welcoming playstation network

vitz33689d ago

Want a hint as to why you have two bubbles?

vitz33689d ago (Edited 3689d ago )

I'm going to hell for this, but whatever. LOL.

His latest post, and I quote "I didn't get that much work done yesterday..."


Therin lies the problem with his plan.

GametimeUK3689d ago

you are pure evil... I hope you get your ass kicked soon for that horrible comment

joebahrjoebahr3689d ago

sony is hiring.

maybe hes the missing link to getting HOME done.

giovonni3689d ago

I can't laugh at this man, to have a job and a home and one day lose it all is something I wouldn't wish on anyone. I think it would be a great story if he could create a master piece that we trust lazy million dollar companies to create but he makes a classic.

Internet Trolling Ex3689d ago

Actually,voicing my opinion only requires 1 bubble.

Though,if I need more than 2,I know who to contact.

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