These Shadow of the Colossus PS4 Screenshots Will Take Your Breath Away

Screenshots from Shadow of the Colossus impressive and detailed photo mode. The Community has done some great things with it already.

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coxepat311d ago

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EeJLP-310d ago (Edited 310d ago )

Had screens, can't get direct links with high quality to link right. They look a lot better on ps4, PS app, and my phone than they do when I tried photobucket.

DarkStar1310d ago

looks like a last gen game with 1080p quality, nothing breathtaking here, I'm sick of all these posts about games looking amazing, incredible, etc.

Markusb33310d ago

Come on, Take a breath it's all right were all friends here. No one can hurt you. Come on.

paintedgamer1984311d ago

Its understandable why this game got higher marks than the original.

MasterCornholio311d ago

That's the beautiful thing about remakes that are very well done. I prefer it over BC myself since it updates the game to modern standards.

RevXM311d ago

Very true. My only gripe with the remake is that while they changed the default mapping of the buttons it more or less feels exactly the same.

The camera pulls and centers automatically so on many occasions I have to fight it and it makes fighting and navigating needlessly difficult, like when you ride on agro and want to shoot the bow it wants to center the camera too look forward and you have to fight it to keep the aim at something on the side or behind you, and when platformaing the camera may suddenly want to draw towards a particular direction like when you climb up to the platform where the third colossus is and makes it easy to miss the jump and having to swim back to the incline path and do it again. I did fail this jump 4 times and it annoyed me greatly, add to that that the camera can get stuck on things as if the camera has collision detection. so while Im aiming on a lizzard to take its magical tail Agro runs past Wander and hits the camera making me miss and having to find the lizzard again as it ran away.

Also the sensitivity and acceleration with the analog sticks input is very fast and weird to me. controlling wanderer and especially Agro is a bit clumsy, aiming is difficult and hard to predict whats the right amount of input especially on moving objects.
Also the game tells you that you can leap or jump while grabbing onto terrain or a colossi and I might be doing it wrong because I've seen people do it and I remember doing it playing the original over ten years ago. but pressing jump to scale quicker while grabbing nets me like a head's worth of distance whith a slow down as wander quickly grabs onto the surface after moving like only a feet and Im not sure how Im doing it wrong. I tried letting the grab button go while jumping and try grab again higher up but then Id just end up lower than where I started.

Dont get this wrong the game is really good and Bluepoint have done it justice and improved many things.
But the camera and clumsy controls were the original release's weakest bit in my opinion and they could have done more to refine it to please the modern crowd as it feels as rough and stilted as I remember it.

EeJLP-310d ago (Edited 310d ago )

I switched to the second control option, modern remapped I think it's called. Triangle jump like original, X for horse, O roll, square sword, R1 grip, R2 aim and fire bow.. only thing I'm still getting used to is holding R2 for the light of the sword.. was O in the original as far as I remember.

Agreed the camera is the biggest issue. It's not horrible, but in tight spaces it's jittery, like the forest, tight valleys between mountains, any tight paths. It keeps like trying to correct itself and make little jumps that almost look like it's dropping frames when as far as I saw Digital Foundry says it doesn't or very rarely drops anything at all. They need to patch the camera and smooth it out.

Personally, I'm up to the 8th colossus on hard mode, first playthrough on the remake.. I'd rate it high 80s.. the graphics are nice, the gameplay is as original, which is a good thing.. it even seems a bit easier to get more stabs.. you don't seem to swing around as much, but I could be wrong on that. If they fixed the camera judder in tight spaces, It would certainly be goat status, I'd rate it low to mid 90s then. Other minor details, I think the UI is a bit too gaudy.. too bright compared to the original. It's fine and works, but isn't as subtle as the original and I think that detracts from it a bit. The life and grip bars are bright.. and the symbols on the creatures are bright. It's 'casual friendly'. I would prefer if it was more subtle.

CrystalFantasy311d ago

My breath was not taken away. Misleading Title.

UCForce310d ago (Edited 310d ago )

It is not misleading. These screenshots are breathtaking. Bluepoint good at that.

Fullmetalevolust311d ago

They truly did a remarkable job. I've had a great time going back into the game I played originally on the ps2. The FPS and the clarity of this HD remake makes it more enjoyable. But was the camera always that jerky , like someone mentioned earlier, I find myself fighting it cause it wants to re-center itself, not cool during a fight or while riding agro and shooting arrows. Maybe there's an option to disable it...?

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