Monster Hunter World Review, A Messy Good Time - Podcasts for Gamers

Monster Hunter World is easily the most accessible in the series to date, but there are still aspects that keep the game from being a home run for Capcom.

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overrated44311d ago

Author says the game isn't a "home run" for Capcom

*Monster Hunter World just broke the record for fastest game to ship 6 million copies for Capcom*

Sounds like the game is a "home run" for everyone but the author.

Dudebro90311d ago

Lol. So now if a game sells a lot IT MUST BE AMAZING. Battlefront 2 says hi. What a joke.

overrated44309d ago

A home run is typically a phrase used to show accomplishment, like you know having the game be the fastest selling game Capcom has ever released. And just go look at the reviews, this one is the clear outlier among a sea of good reviews. Your ignorance is bleeding off of the page.