Gamerhell: Crysis Warhead Review

Gamerhell writes: "This is basically Crysis on adrenalin, creating a more action packed but shorter first person shooter experience. It´s a beautiful game and Crytek surely know how to improve themselves and set new standards. The game is a "Stand Alone"; it does not require Crysis to be played, which is great in my opinion. Add Crysis Wars, the multiplayer feature of Crysis Warhead, to the mix, and you have a great gaming package for very little money!

Warhead is supposed to be a bit more action oriented than Crysis, and the game truly delivers on that account. The game uses themes from classic 80s action movies like the conflict between Western coalition and Communist countries, but is of course spiced up by the presence of alien invaders and futuristic technology. Crysis, also a first person shooter, was more mysterious and adventure oriented, as an important part of the plot was the unrevealing of the alien presence. You fought your way through the island, without really knowing who or what you were up against. Now that the cat is out of the box, Crysis Warhead delivers the action!"

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