PS4 Pro's new super-sampling tested: big boosts for 1080p users

Eurogamer: With the arrival of the upcoming firmware 5.5, Sony has introduced a new option - system-level super-sampling. It addresses a key frustration for PS4 Pro users hooked up to 1080p screens: the lack of access to high resolution support on a range of games.

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Aceman1838d ago

I know I wasn't frustrated as I Pro owner this wasn't there at first I still played my games, it is a games console after all lol.

Aceman1838d ago


What's there to rephrase? Obviously some ppl here knew exactly what I was getting at lol.

starchild37d ago

I seriously don't understand what you're trying to say. Aside from the mistakes I just don't understand what point you were trying to make. That we shouldn't care about graphics on consoles?

ragnalamb37d ago (Edited 37d ago )

@kwiet @starchild
Simple to you:
Me buy ps4 pro no enhaced games.
Sony no patch games, still fun.
Sony patch games, same, still fun.

Fun important to gaming.

Aceman1837d ago

@two geniuses below, not say

It means I have fun gaming whether the graphics are 720, 1080, 1440, or 4k. Graphics aren't everything, what makes a game great is its great gameplay

Can't believe I had to explain this 😒😩

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SuperSonic9137d ago

Super Sampling Greatness Arrives! Thanks a kot Sony for not leaving me base PS4 behind

cigi38d ago

Good to see Sony trying to catch up to what XBOX has delivered out of the box with a system wide.
Too bad it has performance costs to do it.

Cyborgg38d ago (Edited 38d ago )

Better late than never I guess. I'm glad they put their focus on games first since PlayStation is a game console.

38d ago
UltraNova38d ago


Its surely better than having to say "but it does supersampling and multiplatform only" now isnt it?

Ashlen38d ago

Wooly when you follow the guy around complaining every time he gets excited how do you think that makes you look?

UCForce38d ago (Edited 38d ago )

@Wolly Well, PlayStation is a game console.

thrust38d ago

And that’s all it is 😳

kingfortoday38d ago

It's more of an emphasis. Don't trip just cuz the same can't be said for xbox. I'll get to slay new gods soon but not to worry you'll have assassin's creed black flag co-op version for kids minus the free running

fr0sty38d ago (Edited 38d ago )

I'm glad they waited until they got it right rather than rushing it out of the gate and it causing issues. I'm glad they did so while releasing the most exclusive content of any first party developer out there, and keeping the quality level top notch along the way. I'm glad some people cannot let a good thing be, if it happens to be happening to another console, so they feel it necessary to try to throw shade on this sunshine. Yes, that's a bullet point you just lost on your precious, steadily shrinking list. You can't say it anymore. Say goodbye to it, it has served you well. Keep at it and you might see a 2% bump in console sales by this time next year.

sizeofyou38d ago (Edited 38d ago )

I think cigi sounds more insecure.
Look at the software the PS has had WITHOUT this. Some of the best looking and playable games of all time anyway.

To be honest, I think it's too late through the generation to be worrying about really (see above), BUT for 1080P, if it offers more choice, it's nevertheless a good good thing...

Brian765549238d ago

It is indeed nice that Sony has been able to provide this after a cautious approach much like the delay for Boost mode.

"When you have to say 'PlayStation is a game console'. . .
It makes you look insecure . . Like you're trying to patch or cover up something."

It's main purpose is a game console and while it did take Sony some time (and likely pressure along with questionable games not supporting it such as the MLB Show games) the PS4 just got better. Covering up would be having super sampling and then removing the feature.

"I'm glad they waited until they got it right rather than rushing it out of the gate and it causing issues. I'm glad they did so while releasing the most exclusive content of any first party developer out there, and keeping the quality level top notch along the way. I'm glad some people cannot let a good thing be, if it happens to be happening to another console, so they feel it necessary to try to throw shade on this sunshine."

This really sounds like you are eagerly trying to oversell the feature. First off you should just ignore those that annoy you to the point of sounding like a fanboy. The back and forth antics in topics adds nothing but it happens all too frequently. The article says it's not perfect, Last Guardian was mentioned and there will be other games where the frame rate will be impacted. Boost Mode also had some oddities that Sony warned about.

UnHoly_One38d ago

I keep forgetting that all these games I'm playing on Xbox aren't actually games because you can play them on another device.

I need to get that down, but I just can't wrap my head around it.

So tonight when I'm playing Monster Hunter World, and somebody asks me what I'm doing, how should I respond? I mean, I can't say "playing a video game", because it's clearly not a game, according to you guys.

Any suggestions would be appreciated!


neutralgamer199238d ago

What's wrong with yall man woolly is right

Ps4 isn't the best because it has games, it doesn't have game pass or ea access, it doesn't have 6TF, itso executives don't talk about games that actually do worst they deliver them

Don't yall know it's better to talk than to deliver and who needs exclusive when you can play using cloud gaming

Yall need to stop Xbox is the bestest yes Xbox greatness needed a new word invented


Kribwalker37d ago


“while releasing the most exclusive content of any first party developer out there”

didn’t know you were talking about nintendo......because last year sony first party released MLB, GR2,, HZD, Knack 2 and GT Sport.
Nintendo first party released Zelda, MK8, Splatoon 2, Mario Odyssey, 1-2 switch, arms, xenoblade chronicles 2, and pokken tournament.

Ashlen37d ago (Edited 37d ago )


Gran Turismo Sport
Gravity Rush 2
Horizon Zero Dawn
Knack II
MLB The Show 17
Everybody's Golf
Nioh (Published by Sony Interactive Entertainment)
Uncharted: The Lost Legacy
Wipeout Omega Collection

PlayStation Network

Drawn to Death
LocoRoco Remastered
LocoRoco 2 Remastered
Malicious Fallen
PaRappa the Rapper Remastered
Patapon Remastered

PlayStation VR

No Heroes Allowed! VR
StarBlood Arena
The Last Guardian VR


Hidden Agenda
Knowledge Is Power
SingStar Celebration
That's You!

Kribwalker37d ago

I missed that unforgettable Knack 2 and for that i apologize but otherwise Every game i mentioned was retail and out of the ones you mentioned

matterfall: Not first party
Nioh- Not first party
everybody’s golf- not first party (clap hanz is 2nd party)
Uncharted LL: It was a DLC expansion
wipeout omega -EPOS Game Studios/clever beans studio Not first party

and your VR/Digital only releases

Hob- Runic games not first party
Malicious- Alvion Games. Not first Party
Far Point VR- Impulse Gear. Not first party
Star Blood Arena- White moon dreams studio. Not First Party
Stifled: Gata Games. Not First Party

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GamesMaster198238d ago

Yeah it's just a shame Xbox is not trying to do what Sony has been doing though . Supplying support for their console and games.

343_Guilty_Spark38d ago (Edited 38d ago )

What’s Sea of a Thieves PUBG BC?


I don’t have time to play multiple 40+ hour games at once.

letsa_go38d ago

hahahaha "I don't have enough time to play games. But I have enough time to argue with fanboys!" The lies we tell ourselves. hahahahahhaha

UCForce37d ago

@343_Guilty_Spark is that how you say ?

xX-oldboy-Xx37d ago

343 - Sea Of Thieves will be dead after 2 months, it will also be the nail in MS new ip's coffin.

PUBG was brought and is likely timed.

It's a 2 horse race now.

KillBill37d ago

Pretty sure XB1X already had the better improvements for it's player base before PS4 Pro did this... and they still do. As well as BC, 1st party games to GamePlay so your idea that Microsoft is not supporting console and games is not accurate.

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Rude-ro38d ago

😂😂 it took Microsoft two upgraded Xbox ones and a year later to even get into “4K” gaming and that is your bragging point? 😂😂
A for effort on your trolling though.

SpaceRanger38d ago

Considering that 90% of the Xbox fanbase is still playing most of their games at 720-900p, I don’t think MS has delivered anything system wide.

It’s a new feature that many will use. Let’s leave it at that before you make yourself look even more clueless.

Dragonscale38d ago (Edited 38d ago )

You're correct 343, its more like 99% lol.

SpaceRanger38d ago


How is it a lie? Did the whole fanbase who owns an Xbox One and Xbox One S all of a sudden get an upgrade?

Nope, they still plays games at those resolutions.

Ashlen38d ago (Edited 38d ago )


Statistically speaking there are only around 1 to 1.5 million X owners.

Since the X launch approximately 4 million Xbox's have been sold Microsoft has said the S is still the best selling console. So if 25% of all Xbox sold since launch (which is a larger % than Pro) that would be 1 million X owners. I mean even if 49.9999999% of all Xbox sold were X's that would still only be 2 million.

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joab77738d ago

I'll take all the amazing games as it looks and performs just fine in my 4k TV.

rainslacker38d ago

So MS had a one up for a few months over Sony, but has been behind them all generation otherwise, and Sony's the one playing catch up?

OffRoadKing37d ago

Shame to see you trolling in this Playstation article.

Babadook737d ago (Edited 37d ago )

“Good to see Sony trying to catch up to what XBOX has delivered out of the box with a system wide.
Too bad it has performance costs to do it.”

Yup. Damn impressive. Performance costs are ok when comparing to unpatched. At least the performance is higher than xox (on average when comparing fps).

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Homunculus38d ago (Edited 38d ago )

I disagree with DF/EGs article, having the option turn on and off supersampling how you like is better than Microsofts aprouch with the XBox One X, where 4K resolution is running all the time for 1080p users. Many games run better in 1080p on the Pro, and they could run also better on XBox One X if they would offer you the option.
The beta of MGS Survive is one example where the Xbox One X couldnt hit 60fps even on a 1080p TV as it tries to run the game in a higher resolution all the time, on the PS4 Pro tough its a rock solid 60fps as it is running in 1080p on a standard HDTV.

jaymacx38d ago

That’s why either way (mid gen consoles Pro or X) we need better hardware to take advantage of 4k/HDR. Hopefully next gen will give us more stable performance. I do agree however that having a choice to turn options on or off to improve performance is the better way.

ClanPsi138d ago

I've always said this mid-generation upgrade is a waste of time and money. I don't understand why fanboys keep arguing over which is better, PS4 Pro or XBX, because they're both f*cking pointless.

fathertime446438d ago

Wow you really are just a fan boy aren't you?! If you have a 1080p and don't plan on using super sampling than what's the point of the pro?

Goldby38d ago

Enhanced graphics, performance mode close to or at 60fps

Teflon0238d ago

Just Nier automata alone is a reason for me. Better framerate and added things like AA and so on. In some games the addons without res is fantastic. But I'd like the option bout to upgrade to 4k so it's nice to choose for now

Bahamut38d ago


He probably thinks resolution = graphics, but doesn't realize there are things like shaders, shadows, draw distance, anti-aliasing, etc. Some think 4k = good graphics, but you can run pong in 4k, it'll still be pong. Crystal clear pong.

fathertime446438d ago (Edited 38d ago )

Obvios that your not to sharp, I said if you going to shut off boost mode.. It's obvious your talking about when it's on. It's ok I know fanboyatosis runs rampant here

Goldby36d ago


Except you never mentioned boost mode. Just spoke about turning off supersampling

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343_Guilty_Spark38d ago

You make it sound as running 1080p 60 is a limitation of the X.

Konami simply didn’t include the mode.

letsa_go38d ago

Nice to see you have time for damage control. Maybe you should use that time to play games!

343_Guilty_Spark38d ago

The hell am I damage controlling? The X is more powerful than the Pro in every regard. The 1080/60 mode wasn’t included.

G20WLY38d ago

You should whine about it incessantly... That's bound to help.. 🤔

deadfrag38d ago (Edited 38d ago )

Games on Xbox one X at 1080p have supersample but have to be optimize by the developers because the supersample on the Xbox One X its build in the systems configuration,its not an option like on the PS4 pro.What this means is that on the PS4 pro when you turn supersample at 1080p you could run with problems like lower framerates... ,and on the Xbox One X you will never have problems with the framerates at 1080p supersample because developers have to optimize the games for 1080p with supersample since the feature is always active on the system developers can not turn off supersample on the Xbox One X they have to develop games with supersample in mind from the beginning and optimize them the best they can..So its obvious that the Xbox One X implementation is better since i know from the start that all games that run 1080p supersample on the Xbox One X are optimize by developers to run at better framerates and still look the better they can look.With the way the supersample is implemented on the Xbox One X what we can hope is that developers when developing for the PS4 pro will also implement supersample at 1080p the best the can by optimizing and not go the lazy way and hope that people will use the supersample option on the PS4 pro to do the work but possible getting worst performance.

Teflon0236d ago

Not actually correct. Supersampling has almost no draw on power or resources through these 2 consoles. What was referrenced by Sony is simple as the Last of Us 2 situation or what I believe was the situation for games like WipEout omega. When pro users where playing enhanced games. Because it wasn't forced, dev's would pick and choose what they prefer. Some games like the last guardian didn't give you the choice. Basically it was if you're in 1080p you get better framerate, if you're on 4k you get better res. 1080p had no choice. But now if you turn on super sampling, you now get the 4k framerate which may not or will not be the same as the pro cleaning up a framerate at 1080p. So now you have frame drops you're not usually having because your system is playing the version that had frame drops. WipEout, doesn't have drop issues but from my experience I seen that WipEout omega forced 1800p with motion blurr for me instead of 4k on 1080p. Now you can choose even though you might as well keep that option since it's super sampled anyways. Last of us had frame drops on 60fps and 4k modes on pro at first and at 1080p they forced you to play 1080p so you didn't have to experience the frame drops at all. They added the option to choose now but if that update didn't come recently. This would let you choose supersampling with those same frame drops from before and whatever the situation is now. Or 1080p locked framerates.

littletad38d ago

What the heck are you on about? The xbox x doesn't try to run the game at a higher resolution on it's own. That's not how it works.

deadfrag38d ago (Edited 38d ago )

All games on the Xbox One X supersample at 1080p because the system was build from the ground to do that.Its not an option.Yes the xbox X dont run games at a higher resolution on its own,games are coded to run at the resolution developers want them to run but the machine can run all games at resolution higher than 1080p and then supersample.

rainslacker38d ago

Isn't the option up to the developer though? I know it's usually game dependent on the PS4P which improvement you use, at least when it's offered like this. This seems like it's more for where the option isn't given.

starchild37d ago

Having the choice is definitely better.

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Haurus38d ago

The Last Guardian and Black Ops 3 both look noticeably worse in those images, with SSAA on. Textural detail is completely destroyed due to over smoothing.

ClanPsi138d ago

Do you not have eyes? o_O

Haurus38d ago (Edited 38d ago )

I seem to be one of the few here who does have eyes. Blind Sony fanboys in denial, everywhere.

Look at the rope in the right side foreground of TLG, you can barely see the individual links in the rope on the supersampled version. Same with the large pillar in the background, the textures are almost completely missing.

On black ops, the area around the lead characters feet is heavily blurred on the supersampled version, it is much more difficult to make out the outlines of individual objects on the tactical belt (grenade is barely visible) and most noticeable, the release latch on the scope of the foreground character is completely missing the grip pleating. The overturned vehicle on the left side is also very heavily blurred overall, the tire cover in the bed is missing visible depth, the emblem on the hood and the "No Step" warning on the top left are distorted.

It honestly looks like they downsampled it to 540p then just cranked up the AA.

babadivad37d ago

I agree. If this is what SS looks like on PS4 Pro, I'd just keep it off until they can better implement it. SS is supposed to enhance detail, not crush them.

GamesMaster198238d ago

Nice guess i might not have to upgrade my TV to a 4K for a while now, More money towards games. I think 1080p looks good enough for me anywhere so i have no need really of a 4K TV, and now with this even less need.

Cupofjoe38d ago

4k would blow your mind bit if u used to 1080 holy god stay with it..myself i can never go back to ugly blurry big 1080p

Eidolon38d ago (Edited 38d ago )

1080p still looks good to me. In no way blurry... I'm still awed at the beauty of some games that are 1080p(no patch).

GamesMaster198238d ago

I still want one don't get me wrong, but is their really that much of a difference from 1080p ?. and does all games support 4K.